Titan Algorithm


Does anyone know how the Titan algorithm works? My alliance is not strong enough for 8 star Titans yet and it was fine letting them go and then getting 3 seven star Titans in a row we could defeat but last couple of Titans have been seven star defeat eight star escape and then again 8 star Titan. Is there something we should be doing to avoid getting the 8 star Titans so frequently?? Maybe waiting to the last second to kill the 7 star??


Time it takes to degeat a titan has no bearing on score (devs confirmed). The onlybway tp avpid 8* titans is to let more go. Keep pluggin away and eventually you’ll kill one


In my allliance we have to defeat four 7* titan to get a 8*. If we fail to defeat third or fourth 7* we remain on a 7* titan but counter falls down to 0. On second fail we fall to 6*. We are not staying on 7* after two fails.


It’s somewhat random in my experience; I personally think there’s a table based on the last result that’s rolled against to determine what you get next.

Every pattern that I’ve heard someone state has been proven demonstrably false based on other people’s titan patterns.