Titan AI getting smarter?

I’ve been noticing that I am finding myself a little too much in this spot as in the image: First hits are most likely on Wu. Anyone feeling that the AI has been slightly tweaked and “improved”? Or it might be confirmation bias on my end?


Not sure about titans, but I’m almost positive raid defenses are getting smarter. They always seems to kill the “right” guy on my squad now.


Have to say I have noticed Wu being targeted much more the last week or so with each titan. I thought it was a fluke (still may be) but absolutely was aimed at more this week for me either way.

I saw the Titans almost always attack the same hero twice to kill him(maybe only my bad luck)

I have noticed it all around, they typically seem to target low hp or hero’s with high mana first. They also seem to now target healers more often. perhaps its coincidence but doubtful. I guess its ok thought cause it works both way’s in raiding. There AI is getting better so is mine.

To remove confirmation bias, have you tried moving Wu to the other four positions? Is he equally killed there (and your other heroes left untouched)?

Just curious!

AI seems to target (a) low-HP and (B) high-mana targets. Wu has the lowest HP in the OP’s board, so that makes him an easy target.

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