Titan 13 and 14

hello do you know when the titan 13 and 14 will arrive?thanks

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Half past 3. Possibly quarter of 4. Depends on traffic and weather.


With the new titan items being in beta now, I expect them with the next update.

Probably, but this items come along with the new buildings. And this are not yet fully tested and may require further attention by the Team before releasing.

I thought 13 and 14 star titans were removed because top alliances couldn’t farm them? Are they coming back?


Yes. with new buildings and powerful items, the 13/14 are now attainable.

As mentioned, not everything is fully tested yet but it’ll come.



Moreover, heroes are more powerful than one year ago. Now there are colour specific defense lowerers for all colors. In June there is going to be a 5* Wu Kong as HoTM. Also, due to the emblems 4* heroes can already be almost as good as 5* heroes and even 5* heroes might have up to 6 or 7 Emblems.

Sure, even with Hunter’s Lodge only a few dozen alliances will be capable of fighting 14* heroes now. But there will be more and more who are able to move past the 12* barrier.


Aré stating that 13/14 star titans are coming back because they’ll be farmable this go round?

Yeah that is the talk from beta.

It made sense to remove them given that they would one shot even maxed 5 stars, making them nearly impossible to survive against without heavy item use.

Emblems have changed things though. TBH I’m surprised it took this long to just consider bringing them back in the game.

A little ridiculous IMO. They should always be there. The top alliances just get guaranteed top loot with a 12* Titan. Us peons have to lose every 3 or 4 titans and lose that loot. They should have never been taken away.


Let’s not relitigate what was a very contentious discussion the first time around.

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I agree, I was surprised that after such a massive discussion that they would bring them back.

I believe the intention was always to bring them back. As near as I can tell (and as others have mentioned), SG has been working to provide the tools to give players a fighting chance against them.

Wilbur at 4-19 (Def-HP) Plus Ariel +/- Tarlak and two 4/80+10 of the strong color.
Mix in some of those new titan items and a boatload of optimism…

My team will still be dead in 30 seconds and but I’ll do 10k damage.

What SG should do to increase difficulty is to remove the ability to bring items on certain titans… but to guarantee a 4* ascension mat.

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They should try some variations like the “thin” and “fat” Titans I’ve seen suggested too.

Even with the new items it will be quite a bit before they are farmable. Any titan that can basically one shot one of the top tanks in the game won’t be farmable in short order, lol.

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Only way to kill them his to buff your team with def + and apply him with atk -
Or you lock him down with timetraps

In anyway, the consum of items are required.
A standard 5* hero with Emblems is a oneshot without items.

The june hotm 5* wukong is Ranvir

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