TITAN 11* and TITAN 8* – what’s the difference in defense and other stats?

What is the difference between Tita 11 * and Tita 8 *? Tita of 11 * has better defense ?? or are all Titans the same?

What changes a Tita 11 * to a Tita minor example 8 * is the strength of your blow and health greater? Or is there a better defense?

Health, attack, defence. A 11* titan is much more tough to fight than a 8*. You need fully leveled heroes, the more 5* the better, and enough player skills. It’s fun though :sunglasses:

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Is there a link from all TITAS to study?

Something like this?


They are harder all around. More hp, more attack, more defense.

11* will one-shot most 4* heroes unless you take steps to buff their defenses (turtle/dragon banner) or reduce titan attack (bombs or axes) or both. Items are not optional on 11* titans.


Not sure if defense is also higher. If that was the case, damage provided from tiles etc. should decrease dramatically, shouldn’t it?

Example, I make an attack on a Tita 8 *, if I make the same attack on a Tita 11 * will the damage be the same ?? Or will Tita’s defense diminish?

I do not see Tita’s defense, I only see life

All stats are higher on bigger titan—attack, defense, health, special damage. The defense does not rise very much, but the HP does.


Amazed at the number of replies saying 11* titans are harder than 8* titans.

Well done Sherlocks. More useful to point out that the loot difference between a 9* and an 11* is pretty minimal, but between an 8* and 9* it’s huge improvement.

Recently, I analyzed 10 :star: titan and his defense isn’t so high, roughly 500, but if damage calculation formula applies to the titans, his attack has to be around 4500.