🐱 Tirradyn looking for members!


Come take a look at Tirradyn! We’re a very relaxed alliance. We are a new alliance, sorta. Our last alliance turned into a den of drama so we slipped out and left on our own. We are all friendly and supportive! We know the game is just that, a game and we like to have fun! We’re more than happy to welcome both newbies and established players alike! We are English speaking but its not a deal breaker if you’re not it might just be harder for you to talk with the rest of us.


We’re still only about a week old, so we’re only killing low level titans right now, we just got our first 3star. You don’t -have- to hit every titan if you join us, it would be nice if you did but we know sometimes things come up or something you just forget to do it.


As an alliance we do battle in wars. It is something you can opt out of and no one will give you a hard time for that. Only thing we ask is that if you -are- in the war that you actually take part in it. If you know you’re going to miss a war, op_out of that war. Other than that we just want you to do your best.

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