Tired of Servers Not Keeping Up During Midweek Play

Consistently since introducing the Raid Tournaments, mid week play has become a hassle. Yesterday members of our Alliance were kicked off during War, losing heroes and flags…we still won!..Consistent crashing of game for myself on two different devices! Just now game crashed while playing Season 2 on hard. I have been consistent as has my Alliance members in updating. Please work with the servers to provide support during these peak times of play. Or change the schedules of AW, Raid Tournaments, and other events as it is quite apparent the servers cannot handle the load. Love this game, hate the bugs! Also filing a support ticket is very confusing! Not wanting compensation, just consistent game play! Thxs.


There has been no general server issue associated with the current war. People can get disconnected for any number of reasons. But if there were an actual server issue, you’d have seen a thread here with a lot of posts in it.

What part of the support ticket process are you having difficulty with? I’ll try to help walk you through it.

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We’ve had this frustrating problem for so long! There is a thread in Ideas category requesting a separation of war and tournament days. I don’t know how to link, perhaps a moderator would be so kind…

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In order to link, just copy the URL of a thread or post and paste it into your message. For specific posts, if you click the little chain links at the bottom of the post, it will pop up a little window with the correct URL already in it.

Here’s your #ideas-feature-requests on this:

Seperate War and Tournament days

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