Tired of putting in all the effort for nothing?

7Titans Misfits is looking for people who want more out of their alliance – who pull their weight and expect others to do so as well.

• Chaining14* Titans

• Hit Titans first thing! Titans are our priority.

• 4 hits minimum are expected.

• All War flags used if you are opted in.

• Adult language – we have no filter and like it that way.

• Freedom of speech is encouraged - just don’t be a jerk

• Discord is a MUST for effective alliance communication as in game chat has its limitations. Teamwork and communication help keeps things running smoothly for everyone.

• 7Titans Discord server is used by all 7Titans branches and many alliances from the wider community making it a great place for information and game discussion. We’re featuring an awesome new beta bot (Bastit) that does all the cool things Jeeves used to do - show hero cards, search farmable items and event guides, and much more.

If Misfits isn’t the perfect fit for you, we are just a part of the family of alliances under under the 7Titans banner to fit every play style and personality - from family friendly to NSFW, casual, and serious players.

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