Tired of people not pulling their weight?

7Titans Misfits is looking for people who want more out of their alliance – who pull their weight and expect others to do so as well.

• 14* Titans

• Hit the titan when online FIRST THING. If you have time to log on, you have 90 seconds to hit the Titan. Nobody likes to have to flask to pick up the slack.

• MINIMUM of 4 titan hits per titan. Everyone helps to pull their weight

• All War flags used if you are opted in. This is a MUST.

• Adult language – we have no filter and like it that way.

• Freedom of speech is encouraged - just don’t be a jerk

• Discord is a MUST for effective alliance communication as in game chat has its limitations.

7 Titans

If Misfits isn’t the perfect fit for you, we are just a part of the family of alliances under the 7Titans banner. We work together here using Discord sharing strategies and useful information. Everyone has a different play style, and the best alliance for you is here.

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Very few folks want a job.


90 seconds per attack = only 6 minutes out of your entire day to hit a Titan. That’s far from being a job.

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I want a job that’s only 6 minutes LOL especially one that I could do in the bathroom, but then again there are particular jobs… never mind :biting_lip:


Room for a couple more! New war chest, and POV is about to start!

Haha, you’d fit right in with a few of our uncensored ladies :joy:

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Member was booted for missed war flags without communicating anything. Room for dedicated players!

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