Tired of losing trophies and energy due to max server capacity


Hi there

The title is pretty self explanatory, i am always losing trophies and energies due to max server capacity being exceeded… it happens… but how about at least giving the energy back and canceling raids or titan attacks, this is extremely annoying… I am an android developer myself and the code for that is done in a afternoon if you are lazy, just temporarily store player’s data before every combat and if it gets interrupted due to server side fails just restore the initial player data before the combat or update it after the combat is successfully completed, being a loss or a win, just make sure the combat ended correctly, obviously if the player losses internet connection that should not be taken into consideration as it would be a major exploit for obvious reasons… combat is going wrong? turn off wifi… but server side fails need to be taken care of, they will always happen so deal with them. I have spent over 300€ in this game and its already bad enough for me to be absolutely ripped on my summons, and like that wasn’t enough i get stolen without the tinniest consideration on your behalf, lost a titan attack or a raid because of a server fail… oops… were sorry for the inconvenience… the funniest part is that creating a simple algorithm to deal with these fails is almost faster than creating that dialog box.

And btw… small off topic… 300€ and two 5 star heroes? am i supposed to be paying a game or someone’s college? i can send you my Play Store and vodafone billing digital bills if you have any doubts… Ripped big time just to get even more by developers lazyness…


Agree 150% with this. Lost a ton of world energy already due to this stupid max server capacity. If it is full don’t let us enter the quest, not kick us off half way in and not refund us the energy or items back.