Tired of getting booted in the middle of Atlantis fights

I am fed up with getting booted in the middle of or the end of Atlantis fights. I never had this problems until the last two releases of season 2 Atlantis. Many times now I’ve been in the middle of fights and get booted with the message lost internet connection only to immediately have my main page appear. Ever time I have full internet signal. The problem is on your end. I have lost too much world energy to this. Last time I was one hit away from defeating the boss when your server booted me. For a company that is supposed to be all fairness you sure do cheat your paying customers at every turn, so much so that I have stopped spending on this game. Why should I pay to be cheated every time I log onto this game?


I read it and was with you, with you some more and with you some more …and then you kind of spiraled out of control.

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And just happened again playing final level in Atlantis with loot ticket. Now not only am I out the world energy but the loot ticket and the loot as well. You people really know how they cheat folks don’t you…

If you played with a loot ticket, I would suspect you actually got the rewards. Have you checked your Recent Activity log?

I got this problem as well…last time this morning. Waste 10 WE as I was booted during final stage hard mode…no loot for sure but my experiance says: no compensation…so just forget it and move on

Spiraled out of control?
And here was i giving him an atta :boy: boy for not loosing it.

Just now happened to me on verge of winning raidT battle. Grrrr!

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