Tired of a sleepy alliance...stop by Ingl0ri0us Bastards

Ingl0ri0us Bastards is recruiting. We don’t have a ton of rules, just that you participate in chat feature and throw flags at titans or in war when you have them.

Things to know:

We welcome new players (no trophy limit) and experienced (our top player has 4K team power).

We want active players who hit titans and participate in war. But, we will not kick you if you need to opt out (as long as you do opt out).

Other than that, we do use Line App with a group of three partner alliances. It is not required, but lots of good info is shared there, and we do occasionally help out on difficult titans when any of the alliances need a mercenary.

If you want an alliance that is very active and pretty social, you should check us out! We have people from Australia, US and UK, so someone is almost always on to chat and share advice when needed.

Come join us, we’ve got about six spots open.

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