Tirade with a twist

first start with some particulars. I’m 5 months old, I flirt in and out of upper gold, low platinum. the alliance I belong to, of which I am co-leader, does not participate in wars. I am the big dog in our group, ie. gold fish in a pond of guppies. I am on the forum a lot doing just reading and i see a lot of complaints.
This isn’t fair, that isn’t right, the rewards aren’t enough, the summons suck. it cost too much. Ad nauseam.
IMO this game is all that one, with two brain cells, could want. Difficult, yes, patience required, check, multiple areas of interest, an almost infinite amount of combinations.
I do pay for summons and specials however I still have to prioritize, and allocate resources according to my strategy , be it right or wrong. This game and the great forum community that has grown out of what SG created is nothing short of fantastic. SG thanks for the sacrifices and the guts to make your idea a reality. Thank you


Thank you for your twist of lemon, shaken, not stirred. I enjoyed reading your tirade. Did you know, we have a thread for great vents?


Can I just say, for a 5 month old, your language skills are through the roof.

Seriously, my dog understood more English at 5 months than my son did at 5 months. So my expectation of your thread was admittedly low. But I was blown away with the comprehension, found myself agreeing with what you’ve said, and brought back some of my own admiration of childhood purity and wonder, before the real world beats it out of you.

I hope some of the “unfair” crowd will take note.

Truly, out of the mouths of babes.