Tips on my positioning of my line

Could someone please give me feedback and tips on my current line?

Along with my plans for my future line?

Current line, I think you’ll need to go with:
Z, Boomer, Chao, Hawk, Valen
You want the hardest hero to kill in the middle, and that’s Chao at the moment. Valen’s fast mana, so works well on the edge.

Future line, probably:
Z, Delilah, Boldtusk, Boomer, Valen

I’m assuming that this is for raid defense. if you’re talking about offense, you might consider keeping Chao in the lineup instead of Boomer. The “hit all” heroes are good on defense, but you might want to have a more reliable ability to quickly kill a particular threat using Valen to debuff defense and Chao to finish them off.

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Yeah more for raid defense. It defiantly makes since what your saying. I actually had thought right after I posted it that Valen would probably go better on the one of the far sides. Out of the combination of the 6 what would you build for offence and Titans in general and why? Thx for replying.

For Titans,
Boldtusk for healing and attack buff, Valen for defense debuff, Chao for damage and mana control, Zeline for the attack debuff, and then match the strong color with Boomer, Delilah, or Hawkmoon. Probably Boomer for red and blue titans just for the extra damage.

For Offense… jeez, I’d probably do the same thing, but use the fifth slot to double up on the opponent’s center position color.

You could certainly default to Delilah as a second healer and for the minor damage her minions do, but I’m not sure you’ll really need it, and she’s a long way from leveled…

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As for the low levels it is more of a question of now and later but even more for knowing why. I feel like you did a awesome job of telling me why and this information should take me to the next level. Just one more thing if you don’t mind. I spend most of the time on the very high end of silver but almost always Gold by the time I fill the wanted chest. Why have I only been attacked twice maybe three times at the most since I started the game with what “was” mostly my current line up? Well only once in the last month with that team.

I don’t get attacked much either but in my case it’s more by design as I’ve kept my watchtower 5 or so levels below my stronghold…as I crept up my watchtower levels, I’ve noticed an increase in attacks, no doubt due to the increased spoils…

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