Tips on my positioning my heroes

Could someone please give me feedback and tips on my current line?

I am new to the game and would like to understand the colors and know better position of my heroes. can anybody help me

Hansel nvl - 2/8
Sonya nvl - 3/8
Gormek nvl 5/8
Chao nvl - 6/8
Sabina nvl - 2/8

I still have Caed nvl 3/8.

Tks =)

For your defense team, I would go Sabina, Sonya, Gormek, Hansel, Chao from left to right. Sabina and Sonya are both dispellers, so if you have an attack buffer, you might switch out Sonya for, say, Kiril.

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I’m not sure I understand what you mean by numbers like Hansel 2/8, while on the screenshot it is 2/31 (two chevrons and level 31)

General idea for defense is to have in the middle a hero with a maximum of health and defense. So far it looks to be Chao, but once you ascended Gormek he would be a better candidate. I’d also try to move Sabina next to the center. She is average mana while Chao or Sonya are fast. A hero at the very edge usually gets less tile hits and thus gets charged slower. So it is likely that Sabina at the edge will not be able to heal effectively.

I think the 2/8 or 3/8 is referring to the special ability

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Thanks for replying, would this be the defense structure?

level of skills, I’m having difficulty leveling Hansel and Sabina 2/8

I used previously (left to right) Chao Hansel Gormek Sonya Sabina. Does it have sides difference? Or would it be the same configuration that you indicated to me?

For defense, the computer will fire off special moves from left to right, so you want your healers and buffers/debuffers to fire before your hitters.

Thank you very much for the answer, I’ll do the tests. Happy =)

Friend after I made change seems to be alright now, thank you.


I agree qwith SuuriKoira. Swap Sonya and Sabina.

I’ll do the tests and put results. Swap Sabina for Sonya ok?

I’ll do the tests and put results. Swap Sabina for Sonya

Was that idea?

Make sure you are only using like color heros (purple for Sabina, green for Hansel) and wait till you have 10 heros before leveling. That’ll give you the best chance to get their special to go up.


Yes, that is the line up I would go with. It looks like you’re already doing this, but I suggest you only feed same color to your heroes when levelling them. That maximizes experience and shortens the amount of time overall for levelling.

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I’m going to test and then post results. Thank you friend

Best of luck to you. Remember, because we can’t watch raids or know what the attacker used, you may want to give it a few days. If not happy with the results, try a different line up for another few days.

I would switch your Chao and Hansel, Chao is tankier than Hansel currently and will be when they are max level as well. They are both fast mana so either one can be in the corner.

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I would like tips at current i have tarlack wu .gormeck .quintuss and sonia would you place them like this only gormek is maxed out

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