Tips on forming a new alliance?

Hi all!

I’m not sure if it’s ok to post this question here or if I should move it to the alliance recruitment section. I’m not recruiting, though. I’m just considering the possibility of starting a new alliance and I would like your advice.

Here’s the thing. Things are getting a little weird in the alliance I’m in. I’ve considered leaving and joining another group, but we’re a tight-knit group, and there are several of us who are reeling from some recent dynamic changes.

So, I’m thinking about starting an alliance where there’s a core of us that would break off and join together.

It may only be 7 or 8 that would initially follow. So, what’s the best way to attract good players to fill in the other spots? How tough is it to recruit good players?

Is there other advice or warnings you’d like to share?

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I wouldn’t really know, but I guess announcements like “we kill [big_number]* titans, you need [not_so_big] team power / cups to join, we only have 2 spots open” attract more players. :wink:
Your thoughtful and correct English might matter for some, but the titan rewards matter for pretty much eveyone, I think.

So in the end what matters is if you are willing to take the risk of forming a new alliance, or not.

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First, if you are going to do it. Have a goal. What are you trying to accomplish? If you don’t have a vision, you’ll fall apart. I was co-leader in an alli and we didn’t have a vision. People were leaving and I was kicking people almost on a daily. I left and started my own with a goal of no drama and being a top 100 alli. We made top 100 in less than 3 months. We’ve been as high as 30. And we may have 1 person leave or kicked a month. Good people will be drawn to good people.

There is a careful balance between recruiting and spamming the chat channels. Don’t post your announcement every 5 mins. It’ll get you blocked and people will resent you.

With that said, you have to get in and be active in the chat channels. Login, say hey or good morning and generally someone will respond. When someone asks a question, if you know the answer, answer it. Create a name for yourself. Now this isn’t without its headaches. Chats can be full of DRAMA!!! But every now and then someone will say they are unhappy w/ their alliance and you can try to get them.

Have something short and catchy. Look at other recruitment announcements and see what catches your eye. Would you join them? Then that’s the mold you might want to follow. What kind of players are you looking for? Experienced players? Noobs? Anyone? What do you offer that others don’t? NOTE: One thing we advertise is “an active alli chat channel”. Many players don’t feel like they are part of a group because no one talks. We congratulate promotions, level ups, etc. say good morning. Give others a hard time. Ain’t that right @Resol??? LOL

Feel free to shoot me a message on Line (user ID is -Jon-Snow-) if you have any questions. And good luck.


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That’s going to be tough sledding. I had something similar happen in my alliance… the culture kind of changed from casual but competitive to a little more cutthroat. I didn’t bail because it’s a strong alliance and I don’t know what the upcoming alliance wars will be like. Things cooled down since then, the alliance keeps rising in the ranks and I’m glad I stayed.

Have you let the leader(s) know that you and some other players are unhappy? You might be able to force a culture change in your current alliance, or they will kick you and sort of make the decision for you.


1.Have cool alliance Name: like (Valiant Vagabonds)
2.Have your close group: Have roles .Recruiters, Advicesors lol ect
3.Have the close member be: elders and at least 2-3 co-leaders on shifts to make calls/commands
4.Don’t abuse the promotion/demotion button @JonSnow. Keep and make the frequent top 10 elders and such.
5.Have a chat app like LINE to to sort ppl out. To make sure they are a daily player.
6.Be understanding that Life Work and Family and Holidays can draw players away from the game awhile.


Lots of good advice here!

A few thoughts:

BEFORE you name your alliance, search and see how easy it will be for others to find you. You want a catchy, easy to spell, easy to find name. Eg, the word “Heroes” already has 50 entries to wade thru…the word “Victors” currently has none.

Please restrain your alliance recruiting to:

  • Alliance Recruitment Chat
  • [edited]
  • The Forum AR section

You will get reported/blocked for posting ads in Peer Support, OffTopic (or Global).

Decide on a few basic rules for your alliance. Under what circumstance would you kick a member? Keep these rule(s) short and sweet and make sure every player is told on entry. Then your expectations are known, and there should be no hard feelings down the road.


Would be also nice if Alliance Recruitment Chat was not a random chat constantly pushing away our recruitment ads. Not entirely mad at the chatters. Note to the DEVs make more chats cause people not recruiting is chatting a storm in there.


I’ve heard it several ways:

  1. recruiters hang out there and chat till someone shows up

  2. if the recruiters do NOT chat, spammers from Global take over.

I’d love it if the room was ads only, however I definitely prefer option 1 over option 2.

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Maybe separate it off. Ads only .and a recruiters sit n chat. and it can branch out further by what rank the alliance is in the alliance rank lol.

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That’s interesting advice. Which makes me think of:
Choose something like “seven years departed”. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’d just like to add patience as a key requirement to forming an alliance. It can be time consuming to get a stable of players just to hit 30 and then get a core group of 20-25 who are reliable. We have one open slot. We kill 6*'s easily and mostly 7*'s and I keep my alliance comment something simple - we kill x level titans and is you miss a few you may get kicked (unless you tell us you will miss and we won’t kick, that would just be mean).

I also find that a reasonable cup requirement has better retention rates of people that come in. If you are fighting 7* titan with no cup requirement that new person who gets one hit KO’d isn’t going to stick. We are on an 8*, our first, and even at 800 cups we have had SIX people come and go - I think because they got scared by the titan level. I’m thinking I may need to up to get the right people.

Again - all time consuming to figure out, which requires patience.

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“Departed” only returns three alliances when you search. Searching by one word in the name is common advice given by recruiters; whatever works, right? :wink:

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Thank you all for your wonderful replies! You’ve given me a lot to think about.

As someone who started an alliance when they were new, and while I LOVE my alliance (seriously, I have some great new e-friends because of it), I’d rather have saved the gems and joined one, where I could still have made e-friends :slight_smile:

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