Tips for Raiding?

I started a little over a month ago and have kind of hit a wall when it comes to raiding and would love some tips on how to move forward. I got Boldtusk the other day and he’s been a godsend to the team. But I’m trying to hit 1000 trophies for once and would like some help :slight_smile:

What are your second best heroes of each color? I typically raid by doubling up on the weak color of the center defender.

That’s not a bad team to work with, maybe try shifting the team around and see if they hold out better on defense. I’d definitely suggest putting Boldtusk as the center guy and shift the other two guys to the left.


I will second Havok333. Nice team. I am in the 2400-2600 trophy range and use Boldtusk and Grimm all the time. Fantastic heroes.

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I will question the premise of raiding to get to some ephemeral target…wow 1000 cups. How has that improved your team?

At the early stages, especially as you now have TWO builders (when I was a kid), resources are your true need and what you can get from raiding

I do not think you would need to cup drop, but see why reaching for something that offers no benefit beyond pride may hold you back.

Build, grind whatever, but grow a strong base to develop that team, first.

I agree with @havok333 too!

Try this arrangement on defense:
Balthazar / Grimm / Boldtusk / Berden / Bane

Maybe you can then hold on to cups a little better and get to 1000. Good luck!


I totally second Uzguzi on that. Boldtusk is your brick and put him front and center. You will hang on to your cups longer.


Good point on raiding, I dont have a second builder, is there a way to get one without spending money?

Sadly, the second builder is from the VIP subscriptions only.

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Ah I always thought to keep him in the back so they dont take him out first like they do grimm if he’s up front. I had Oberon as my purple but his mana was just too slow. Balthazar does die so fast though where as Oberon lived forever with all his health but his attack was that bull honky lol thanks for all the fast replies guys will make some changes definitely!

Goal has been met! You guys are awesome! Thanks for the help!! :clap::grin:


Nice! That didn’t take long to get trophies to 1k!

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