Tips for raiding?#frustrated

So./…the Raid system is the only thing I cannot “pattern”. Example-I out power my opponent by 200 points yet I get CRUSHED…There seems to be no rhyme or reason when figuring out a strategy.

WTH is going on here?

Depends on the board, the heros you are facing and how they have them aligned. There are times that I’ll get smoked by a team 400 points weaker than I am because their specials charge before mine. Other times, I’ll smoke someone 50 points weaker because I get Wu Kong activated and a great run right after. Outpowering your opponent in no way guarantees a win.

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Essentially, the entire thing relies on how the tiles move…

Pretty much, but there is also some strategy about who you’re trying to hit too. Remember that they get mana when they are hit. So, if the tank (the hero up in the middle) has a recoil special, try to avoid the tank until some of your specials charge up and you can pound him into submission.

Good to know.Thanks, again

Not only that, but they get mana every turn, well, just because. I find raids are really defined by the first few moves and tiles. If they work out, I smoke them. If not, I get smoked. If they are meh, then it’s a real battle.

Also remember that the hero “power” rankings are at BEST a rough thumb in the air guestimate of relative strength. 5* heroes have a built-in “bonus” in their power ranking for no apparent reason. (i.e. a 5* with similar stats to a 4* show much higher hero “power”).

The mix of heroes also really matters. Bringing Boril Kasshrek Li Xiu Rigard and Colen offensive raiding isn’t going to be as effective as other more offensively oriented teams. But they’ll show a similar power.

One of the big benefits veterans have is a deeper bench of heros. I change up my team based on the opposing team, a luxury I have because of a deep bench. Four months ago I brought the limited heroes I had…

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Absolutely. I was lucky on my main that my first five primary heroes were BT, Richard, Tibertus,Chao, Melendor…and I very quickly got Grimm and Caedmon after that.

My alt account however got Boril, Kashhrek, Rigard, Li Xiu and Gormek. Followed up by Lil John x2, Boril #2, Kiril, Melendor, and then Cyprian. Raids were VERY difficult during that period until I got some more offensive cards (Chao, Natalya, Sartana).

Yep, and thats exactly why at first you have to be very careful in choosing your opponent, expecially the central.

Some example: it’s risky to go against a riposte without a debuffer, or on a team full of healers and wukong without heavy hitters, or against a full fast team with a pretty slow yourself.

Find a “kind” of team suited for your fights.


Like Elpis said, seek out teams that your team does well against. My raid team is geared more towards heavy heal defense and single target DPS defenders. Teams that have riposte defenders or mass AE defenders eat me up as 3 of my 5 attackers are AE attackers and i use no healers. Hence why i seek teams with 2-3 healers. Perseus and Nat are healers worst nightmare! :skull:

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I often use Natalya with Scarlet even when defense is rainbow. The opponent often hss a Melendor or Sabina with something like Kashhrek. Nat sucks up Fog boy while Scarlet gets the lizard. Same with any paired healers. The ladys will be ready at the same time just a bit of red tile luck and bob’s your uncle

My odds of winning go way up when I bring a defense debuff hero, like Grimm or Tibertus, especially facing a team with defense buff heroes like Kiril. The debuff removes the buff and makes killing much easier.

An important goal is to clear out one hero fast so that you can ghost tiles down the gap. Building up specials quickly makes all the difference. If you are just hitting with three or six tiles at a time, it’s very likely that you will lose. Big combos and well-placed specials make for wins.

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Although I’m always happy when I blitz an opponent, I find that raids starting with meh boards end up as intense, interesting battles. I’ve come to enjoy the challenge of anticipating possible board development, looking at each opposing card’s mana level, & sweating out whether one of my heroes can survive long enough to get off one more special. Fighting one of those raids has me on the edge of my seat & generates curses in 3 languages. Winning one is very satisfying, especially if it’s a revenge raid against a stronger team with a ton of cups as the prize.


SInce luck is such a big factor, I generally choose matches where I stand to gain a lot of cups if I win (and lose few if I lose). That way even if I lose two out of three matches I end up gaining cups. That I avoid Alberich, especially if I’m trying to fill a raid chest.


Hitting a Alberich or Ares with a Nat & Perseus combo makes me giggle. Love watching those 2 sob’s die a slow miserable death with no special fired off from them. :japanese_ogre:

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@Cthulhu I just want to point out that all 4 heroes you mention are HotM. I’ve tried to get them, I’ve just had very little luck. Makes me hate facing them even more!

I wish there was a way to get them without such a “luck heavy” requirement to do so. I wish you luck in the future.

This may be a stupid question but pls define DPS defender…

Single target high attack damage hero. Lianna comes to mind as one of them.