Tips for offence and defence team, in general

Hi, I would need some tips for especially, what type of offence teams are good, and what is my best defence team.

Currently I am planning on something like Tyr-Boril-Kashhrek/Brynhild-Cyprian/Stonecleaver-Drake Fong for defence team. Thoughts on this? Attached my current defence team and all my heroes.

What are my best potential offence teams? I have lately learned, to switch around my heroes, what comes to having counterattackers, when to use Gormek and when Colen, and when to utilize my three great manablockers. But I still think I have things to learn in this category as well.

I am happy to have summoned a lot of great heroes and also legendary camp has produced most of my 5* heroes for my group 6.

Thanks in advance!


I would say this is too reactive. It’s reasonably straightforward to chuck tiles at Kash until dispellers are ready to wipe you out, especially with very low damage wings.

Yes, they are super chunky, but if the enemy manages not to trigger a massive cascade, you’re not hurting them enough.

I have stonecleave in my queue. He looks fun, but ghosts on defence just let people charge mana quicker.

Maybe try Sonya Colen Cyprian Drake Mel

You have lots of great heroes but probably more support/slow maxxed than usual.


Hi, thanks for the tips Jonah the bard. How about utilizing some of the heavy hitters on the wings, in the future? Something like this: Lianna-Cyprian-Kirill-Tyr-Joon. That is anyway my goal at some point, once I get them close to maxed out to have some of the heavy hitters there in the defence team. Is Rigard potentially best healer I have or is something better than him? I have outfits for Boldtusk and Melendor.


Those two on the wings are excellent.

I’m not keen on healer tanks though. The enemy hasn’t done much damage, so who are you healing? It’s just extra time for them to charge specials. Healers are generally best on the flanks.

Also, keep your yellow and purple together.

I’d go Tyr - Kiril - Cyp - Joon - Liana probably with those heroes


Okay, thanks for the tips, I will keep that in mind!


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Was lucky and got myself a Freya today :slight_smile: Where would she be useful, in regard to my team? Wish I had like a Telluria or Inari to support her… I guess Freya is more useful for attack than defence in my case?

Also, just did a dozen of raids. And I noted that with Proteus and Colen on attack team, and decent luck with tiles, I can win against almost any team. I suppose I should throw Wu Kong there more often in attack, now that he has 15 emblems.


Wu is great for damage burst, but make sure you fire Proteus before him (or 4 turns after). Don’t want to waste the mana block with a miss!

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