Tips for last level of advanced?

I made it to the last level of the advanced challenge and cannot beat the bosses. I got all the way to the last wave and all my heroes were still alive and I had all of my items.

Heroes brought: Wu Kong (4/70), Azlar (3/70), Rigard (4/66), Misandra (3/67), Hansel (4/70) (I tried this twice before with Cyprian (4/70) instead of Rigard)
Items brought: axes, bombs, dragon attacks, revive scroll

Strategy was: try to get Wu Kong’s SS off, send tiles like crazy, heal w/ Rigard when needed. First to die was Wu Kong and Azlar at boss wave. After they died, I got Rigard’s mana up, revived the two dead heroes, and then set Rigard’s SS off to heal them further. Once Rigard died and my last revive (total 3) was used, it was game over.

I was intending on only using the items to kill the minions, and I started targeting Buddy first (maybe that was my first mistake). I did record my last game if interested to see.

Any help would be appreciated!

I finished the advanced level with this team:
Scarlett 3/60
Tiburtus 4/70
Boldtusk 4/65
Rigard 4/41
Chao 4/65

I brought axes, bombs, dragon attacks and time stops. Arrive with the specials ready, target mother north and then finish her with the weapons (if she’s not dead after you used all the weapons just hit her with the tiles and use the time stops before she cast her ability). When you kill her buddy and santa should be almost dead, use the time stops if you’re low on health before they cast (also to prevent the minions to spawn).

If your heroes are stronger than mine it should be even easier (and with Hansel it should be)!

Good luck, you can do it for sure!

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Thanks for the tip! I have yet to level my forge to 18 but will get started on that right away :slight_smile:

I used: Rigard - Joon - Marjana - Lianna - Kiril.

Items: Arrows, bombs, axes and dragon attacks. All these items together do 5.000 HP damage. Mother North has 5.692 HP and is the REAL enemy.

Rigard and Kiril were used as safety net to bring me to the bosses. I entered the boss stage with Joon, Marjana, Lianna and Kiril have their SS charged. Kiril used his SS and then all the snipers fired at Mother North. After that I used all the items and brought Mother North down. Then I was able to kill Buddy and Santa with tile ghosting and my snipers abilities.


Thank you! I can try your strategy tonight, but my Kiril is only (3/1), do you think that will work still? I also don’t have nearly as many snipers-- the only one I have is Sartana but she’s at 2/30.

I don’t know your roster. The core of my tactic is: Make it to the bosses without items. Do at least 692 HP (or 1.192 HP if you replace the arrows) to Mother North and then fire all your items. It’s your choice if you do the damage with special skills or tiles (and prevent Mother North from using her SS). That depents on which heroes you own.

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happy lecture :wink:

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I used wukong - scarlett - ares - wilbur - melendor
Mother north is Anthony si i send her full red damage. Used some mana potions, tornadoes and time stop to get rid of her ASAP.

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Oh boy, looks like I’ve got some reading to do. Thanks for sending :slight_smile:

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Effectively arrive with the active specials is very important.

Take axes, bombs, dragon attack and mana potions to re-activate the attack specials.

First you have to kill Mama Norte and the other 2 will end up falling

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Your heroes are stronger than mine, so it should be doable. Just remember: Mother North can’t go off. Don’t use any items on the mobs, and if you can’t survive the mobs without items, then I’d bring in two healers instead. Use the axes, bombs, and attacks on the bosses either right away, or wait til the previous expired and go again; as long as you keep Hansel manaed to keep MN from getting Mana, you should be good. Make sure all of your specials are charged before the boss stage, and save as many diamonds and bombs on the board as you can too. Kill MN first, then it’s smooth sailing from there. I used splash hitters, to hit everyone, and two healers to survive the mobs.

My team:

Alby (3/70), Boldtusk (3/60), Hel (3/70), Grimm (3/60), Drake (3/70)

My items:

Bomb, Dragon Attack, Big Mana Pot, Big Health Pot

If you don’t need a health pot (which I did) then bring in axes to do more damage.

I might consider taking Wu out if you try it again and it doesn’t work. He makes specials miss, and you can’t have Hansel missing at all. If you’re stacking vs MN, then I could see using Wu for tile damage, but or else idk I think someone else might be better suited for that. Especially with the frozen tiles, it makes getting combos to do crazy amounts of tile damage very difficult.

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Chance wu with gormek/grimm/tiby :wink:
Why??? because to lower the defense of all bosses

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You’re so right… I was close, but Wu made me miss Hansel’s SS a few times. And I didn’t bring mana pots! I was unsure if my team would do enough damage without him, but it’s worth a shot. This method means I might not need to upgrade my forges. I haven’t tried this level since I posted (with Avalon going on!) so I’ll try this tonight and lyk how it goes.

You also further confirmed that I should have went for MN first instead of Buddy. Can’t wait to try.

Thanks @RandaPandah :slight_smile:

I do not have Grimm or Tiby leveled but I do have Gormek at 3/60! Thanks I’ll try this too

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