Tips for Knights Of Avalon


I’m missing the diamond offer… when will it be?


It comes with the start of the event on thursday


I ALWAYS think the same thing when I see his name


Cabin Boy Peters was my MVP the first time I ever squeaked by to complete Legendary.


Friar tuck?!

Only heals three of your team, but at least he’s green…


Yes Tuck was my secondary healer for quite some time.
So now I have the choice to use him and leave 2 members of the team very wunerable ( meaning I need more potions to heal them ) or I use Hawkmoon in the red slot and double Brienne up with the green Sniper or Tyrum with Balthasar if I want double purple.

After studying the colors of the differnt stages I came to the following color distribution.

Stage 1-5: Double green
Stage 6 : Double yellow
Stage 7 : Not sure. Double purple ? Maybe red ?
Stage 8 : Double green
Stage 9 : Double yellow
Stage 10: Double Purple

What do you think ?


Derek sees what you did here … :grin:

from the Centre for Children Who Can’t Read and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too.


Yes. I still have close to fully maxed. Level 49 in last rank.


Dere-lict my… oh, wait. I shouldn’t continue that.


Yes I finished the rare and the epic for the first time in a monthly event. :sunny:
Since I have no other dispeller Tyrum was most important player during the end fights.

P.S. Lady Belith had finally the grace to join my cause. :smile:


What’s the best strategy for the last stage of the epic tier? I seem to be totally unable to finish those three off. Who should one go for the first?


My strategy for stage 10 is basically the same on each tier. I bring the biggest mana potions permitted, plus 3 stacks of damaging items (rare I add a bear banner), and save them all for the bosses. I stack colors (2/2/1 purple/red/green), and go into the boss level with my team fully healed and all my specials charged. Unleash all my debuff/buffs, then all my damaging specials at Guinevere first. Then fire off all of the damaging items in order if increasing potency. I then use mana potions to recharge all my damaging specials and finish off Guinevere and usually Morgan before I even move a tile. At that point, Arthur is easy to finish off with tiles


Little John is my key to victory, even on Legendary tier. His mana slowing ability prevents the bosses from charging, making them much easier to defeat. For Avalon in particular, I try to take down Morgan first, then Guinevere, then Arthur.

Epic tier:

Legendary tier:


Smashing (literally)!
I suppose I will have to wait until Avalon comes around again, though. I suppose I will need to level my heroes a bit further to make them harder to kill.

Thanks for your great advice!


I used double purple double red and a green…not all maxed out and took 10 minutes to finish but got it done…