Tips for Knights Of Avalon

Does anyone has some tips,good heroes for rare difficulty for Knights Of Avalon

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Don’t bring blue unless you are an expert board manager and it’s Kiril.
If you’re weak, a strong Cyprian could help. You will want Caedmon, Sabina or Melandor for your lineup to nix buffs.

Those with Gregorion will have a field day due to his Crti Chance & being a nice green. Never discount a 4 tier Melandor’s tile damage.

The highest scoring teams usually triple up on the opposing color (green) although I’ve seen 3 green / 2 purple (or 3 purple, 2 green if its a level with Guin) . If you are lucky enough to have Merlin, bring him because you’re NOT going to want Guinevere’s special to go off. Arthur is a PITA, but you can work around him.

A suggested Lineup Could be:

Rigard / Melandor(Or Sabina) / Cyprian / Caedmon / Little John

People might grouse about Cyprian & Little John, but counterattackers have saved my butt in these events more time than I can count. Little John’s special is nice to fire off on the end stage before Guin/Arthur get off, but his tile damage is helpful too. There are a bevy of helpful 5*, but I decided to focus on standards. Obviously Merlin is great and your results may vary… but it’s my two cents.


I am really excited to see how Hansel will do in this event. Green and mana control are going to help a ton I think. Potions will be drunk.


That Hansel is so hot right now…


Hansel took me into the diamond raid arena permanently. I was flirting before, but he is money!

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I got Gretel in that one and she’s nice, but average speed. KINDA jealous at those who got Red Hood from that mix. She’s a quiet beast.

Rare tier limits you to 3* heroes. Belith and Tyrum will be helpful for their dispel. Azar and Carver (heaven help us) have mana control to slow down the bosses specials. Balthazar and Berden hit like a ton of bricks.

I will probably use Belith, Balthazar, Brienne, Tyrum, and Berden. I’ll bring mana potions, axes, arrows, and either healing potions or turtle banners


Silly me. I read “rare” as the “middle” tier.

Just ignore everything I said.

I was all wrong.


I have put no levels on my Brienne, so Ishtaak will have to sub

hisan instead of berden?

After about 4 month of play I still dont have a Belith…………sigh
Do I really have to use Hawkmoon now as a healer ?

Any better ideas very welcome.

tyrum…it does similar things :wink:

Of course Tyrum is on the team ( got him abot 10 days ago and developed him in the express lane. :smile:

Ufortunately he is not a healer…………

Oops - I read only title (which didn’t mention tier) and not the top post. Advice is still valid.

Today I fed 3 Belith to my Gregorian.

Almost fully leveled one Belith already

This means you still have one fully leveled Belith in your rooster ? yes

Yes………if I dont get her she has to visit others more often….sigh.

Him and Merlin are gold during events, just as usual, try to keep them alive as long as possible. I had to really slow down my attacks and plan ahed a bit more to make sure they get charged in time. Having said that, watching the bosses slap each other wasting their specials is priceless…


Absolutely use Hisan if you have him.

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Hisan is the only 3 i still have. Sooo helpful for Alliance Wars cleanup when there are lots of healers

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ye man he helped me kill an Ares leftover with only unleveled 3* :smiley:

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