Tips for Defense Team?

Hello, I’ve been playing this game for some time now and I’d like some advice when it comes to setting up a good defense team for raids or even war. What I have isn’t much unfortunately, but I’m working my TC13 24/7 to pump out better heroes. (Maybe I should wait until I get TC20 because it’s only been spitting 3 stars so far…) Currently, I have some maxed 3 star heroes and two 4 star heroes. My Friar Tuck, Brienne, and Belith are maxed and all of their specials are at 8/8. I also have a Balthazaar, Bane, Valen, and Azar that are maxed but do not have maxed specials. Balthazaar is at 4/8 (his special was especially stubborn for whatever reason), Bane is at 6/8, Valen is at 5/8, and Azar is at 6/8. I do have several other 3 stars I’m trying to level but they’re nowhere near their max potentials yet so they’re out of the question for now, I would think (although I have another Balthazaar at tier 3 level 33 with a special at 7/8 that I want to eventually replace my other one with). My 4 star heroes are Colen and Li Xiu, both at tier 3 and levels 43 and 38 respectively with maxed/nearly maxed specials. My defense team has Bane and Balthazaar on the edges, Colen tanking and Friar Tuck and Belith flanking. Right now I’m thinking about switching Friar Tuck out for Li Xiu, but I was thinking that maybe flanking a red with two greens might make it harder for people to attack me since it’s pretty common to double up on the color that the tank is weak against. However, Li Xiu is technically a stronger hero, and I like her AOE mana drain, so I don’t know… Of course, if there’s anyone else I should switch out I’d like to know that, too!

Oh, and is Li Xiu considered a better tank than Colen? I feel like Li Xiu might be tankier with her higher defense stats and all…

Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks!! :smiley:

Li Xiu is indeed a better tank than Colen.

You could try this setup:

Belith - * - Li Xiu - Friar Tuck - Colen
*= Your choice between Azar, Balthazar or Valen

Pretty much what @FraVit93 said. 2 healers is a good thing for defense, and Friar Tuck’s mana gen boost can be maddening for the attacker. Belith’s ability to remove buffs from the enemy is also very good. And Li Xiu is of the best, if not THE best, 4* tanks.

@FraVit93 Hm, ok I will give it a shot! Thanks for your input! But I am curious, I thought that because Colen is slow mana it would be better to put him up front somewhere? Maybe he’s a bit too squishy as a tank…

Not always slow heroes should be placed on tank position, that role should be filled by the toughest hero. With Friar Tuck it could charge his special faster but both of them are too frail to be on middle of the formation, this leave room to Li Xiu and his mana-draining nightmare to buy time.

Colen at the back is harmless, because it doesn’t have time to get charged. It is most dangerous while be in the middle of a defence team. While raiding I prefer not to attack such teams.
In the worst case Colen should be placed next to Li Xiu.

You are wrong, he is harmless where he is dead and only a fool will attack a central Colen if he can’t kill him, soooo…

So, your statement is true for any hero including Li Xiu. :wink: In fact, it means less revenges and enemy raids or, at least, less successful revenges.

Fact is that even if its true for any hero Li Xiu is better suited to the tank position thanks to his stats. Colen not.

Should I put Li Xiu as tank with Colen flanking? To be honest whenever I go up against teams with Colen he’s usually the tank or at least flanking. I don’t normally see him on the edges, though I have before… I only need him to fire once after all so even if he does die faster he’ll at least do some serious damage. I did look up 7DD’s rankings for the both of them and they both seem to be a B in their opinion (I also kind of agree) so I’m not even sure if it matters very much…I’d prefer Boldtusk, Kiril, Kashrek, or Boril anyways.

I think the idea of putting Colen on the edge was to take advantage of the mana buff from friar tuck. Having it go LiXiu - Tuck - Colen makes sense in that case.

That said, I’d probably go with:
Belith, Balthazar, LiXiu, Colen, Valen

Good single hitters in Balthazar and Valen with Valen giving defense debuff, and solid AoE from Li and Colen.

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I don’t usually use Slow heroes. If I do, I put them near the center where they can load up on hits and charge their mana.

For tank you want someone with high health and Defense. If they hit back hard with their special, that’s a plus.

LiXiu is fun: her special keeps preventing the other guys from firing. As long as you can keep her alive, she’s fun in one of the three center spots. (I use her on the outside flank, but that’s me.)