Tips and Strategy for Easter Special

The easter special with the bomb eggs are fun to play. However it’s getting more difficult from level to level.

Now, are there some tips from the experts ? E.g. what about whirlwind, or other items ?

Thanks for any tips in advance,


Destroy the eggs as soon as possible. Take a healer with you and keep him alive with mana potion. Use time stop to slow down the attacks. Good luck with unlocking the avatar!

Healers - I bring Ares (duh) & a 4/70 Melendor (usually bring Caedmon), and patience. I don’t fret the explosions, just plan around them, they will happen (especially when they drop, no lie, 8 on you).

I honestly LOVE this challenge! The eggs are a brilliant idea, they’re fun and lighthearted, add a surprising dimension to the game, and of course are a cute nod to the holiday. I also like how long the challenge is set for.

Thanks SG!

As for strategy, just try to throw eggs more than they explode, while paying attention to where they’re going. If you completely ignore them your heroes will suffer needlessly. The healing aspect of throwing them is important to not overlook.

I had Delilah in my team throughout the normal level, and have added both Kiril and Rigard to the mix in Advanced. I prob won’t get all the way through Advanced, but there is a lot of time left to hammer at it.

And don’t forget to have fun!

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