Tipping Gems for fun!

So have had a couple different raids that have been a blast to play. I found 4 bold tusks and a left wing bold tusk cook. A total fun time.

Another situation four proteus and a healer. Super fun

I would have gladly tipped a single gem because of the delight. Sometimes we get so hung up on crazy strong defenses…but occasionally a really fun setup happens out there and my enjoyment goes through the roof

Sometimes I win…most times I lose…

But if I could tip a single gem I would! Just to let those people know just how much joy they made the game. I don’t want chat or messages…all able to be manipulated. But a button to tip a gem is a harmless act of kindness for a major contribution to the fun of the game

I love this idea.

Anything to build good will and fun exchanges.

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