[Tip] Updated - new name method or v2.0 - Pre-firing Special skill during Titan animation

[Tip] Updated - new name method or v2.0 - Pre-firing Special skill during Titan animation

v2.0 Name Pre-firing method

All your hero special skills can fire at once, the animations just over lap.

You can fire a special skill and then immediately match on the board. The special skill animation and the matching animation will over lap.

You cannot do anything until the titan attack animation is finished.

To pre-fire a special skill, gently, and repeatedly click on the first special skill you want to fire,
Watch the top of the board for the name of the special skill,
When the name of the special skill is displayed, the special skill has triggered ( the titan animation has finished ),
Fire any other specials you want.

Gently tap on Rigard
Once Purification is displayed, tap Grimm, then Scarlett.


Trick for remembering your next planned match

Bonus Useless Fact

If you tap several special skills in a row, and the last enemy is killed before all are triggered, the game will stop displaying special skill names once it reaches the special skill that killed the last enemy.

Triggering Ramming Pulverizer, Everlasting Wound, Witch Killer and Blade Barrage, will stop at Witch Killer if that kills the last enemy.

This fact discovered because the animation for Everlasting Wound and Witch Killer ( “-Rhymes with Witch- Slap” is the sound effect ) while incredibly awesome, take sooooooooooooooooooo long.

v1.0 Mana bar Pre-firing method

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What if your hero dies or get debuffed? Should we allow prefiring an antidote too?

I have an alternative, just make a click on the background (not the target) and every specials end instantly, and tiles combos too!

I love to watch a combo x19 against the Titan, but in the end I’d rather it would skip to the end result instantly and save a precious 10 seconds.

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Latest Edit- Related Tip- remembering next match

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