[Tip] Downloading full resolution of forum photos/ artwork/ screenshots

[Tip] Downloading full resolution of forum photos/ artwork/ screenshots

Forum trick

  1. If you click on the picture, it will switch to photo pop up.

  2. At the bottom of the photo pop up is a download symbol.

  1. If you right click/ long press, on the download symbol, you can select Open in a new tab

  1. The artwork will open in the new tab at full uploaded resolution.

  1. Save the artwork.

  1. Close the tab.

  2. At the photo pop up, click the right ( or left ) arrow to advance to the next photo
    ( lower right you can see an indicator showing which number photo of total photos in set )

  1. Go to step 2.

Artwork by @ArktikaTF



@Gryphonknight, pictures that are particularly long or wide aren’t handled well by Discourse, at least where my phone is concerned.

Are you aware of any way of forcing a particular fit or aspect ratio?

We might have discussed this before :thinking:

Discourse.org seems to have fixed it on the iPhone.

In my experience, the photo preview sucks on mobile devices ( this is an issue with Discourse.org having multiple frames for displaying photos)

But clicking on the photo should bring up the photo pop up which should handle any proportion photo.



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