Tin foil hat conspiracy?

All true in a rational society. Too bad that’s not one we live in. I personally believe it is the responsibility of all of us to be clear and complete in any public statements we make. But as I said … too bad.

I recall watching a youtube video where the monthly payout from 100,000 subscribers was disclosed as somewhat below $2. Not getting many summons pulls from that.


I can’t help suspecting you may not have a completely reliable source for the goose information.

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That is not how I read @Mr.Spock 's comment at all. To me it read like everyone should have personal responsibility.

LOL!!! That must be the worst YouTuber on the planet. If I was making the $/subscriber I am making now with a +100K subscribers, I would quit my job immediately and my job pays pretty well.

16X what I am currently making on YouTube would be life changing. As for now, YouTube is covering most of my summons each month.


I think you missed a group: Those that spend other people’s rent money.

Not everyone that spends heavy is going into debt, avoiding life bills, or inherited a trust fund.

Some of us have built decent livings that allows us to splurge on a game. I am a former welfare child and made my own way in this world. Like many with financial savvy, I enjoy multiple income streams (including rental properties—hence other people’s rent) on top of a a good job.


And yet another category: @JekylandHyde pays for all of my summons :pray:t2:


Well, to be fair I think they get demonetized quite regularly.

@nevarmaor said it very well: there’s all kind of people watching youtube.
Kids, cultured, not very cultured, stressed, and people in dire situations.

Of course a youtuber can’t predict every kind of interpretation, but could at least try to avoid the most common and easy to figure out of the whole pool.

Being a public person has both good and bad points.

People know you, apreciate you and make you feel important.
But It seems to me you forget that the counterpart is having more responsibility of a “normal” person, and that your words carry more weight of before.

There’s not a single “celebrity” that escape from this.

So nope, i don’t think the blame is entirely on the listener, i’m sorry.

But again, that was not the reason i stepped in this topic.


On the one hand the listener does need to be more responsible for critiquing what they hear and logically analysing what the message is to determine if it makes sense. Accept at face value but question the foundations.

On the other hand the speaker does need to be more responsible for the points they are making. Clerarly establish the foundations to verify the face value statement.

It is NOT acceptable to say “I am just asking the question” when the question has no foundation.


Don’t know if reliable (quick google search) but that’s what i found on youtube income:

With the average YouTube pay rate hovering between $0.01 and $0.03 for an ad view, a YouTuber can make around $18 per 1,000 ad views, which comes out to $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views. Forbes also estimates that for top talent, a YouTuber can make about $5 for every 1,000 video views.

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lol, let’s not start that rumor. Geeze.


I think it comes under the heading of “worth a try”.

There are some interesting things that go on between different account. I do understand that outliers exist in statistics. But it does seem that some account are consistently being unlucky while other consistently show a bunch of luck.

For instance, I’ve played for 20 months. Aggressively. Spent some money. I’ve been running 1 TC20 for over a year non stop and up to three for months on end. I have 1 green five star. I have one yellow five star. I have pulled one non S1 five star from a portal since early December and have not gotten a HOTM since pulling Rueben on December 1. Prior to that I’ve had horrible luck. All in all I’ve pulled 6 portal fives (not S1 or not HOTH) ever for my account in 20 months.

On the other hand, my buddy had 6 portal fives in this first three months of playing. He recently pulled 6 portal fives in the last 30 days. And prior to that has been consistently pulling fives. He has picked up 5 of the S4 heroes in about 30 to 40 pulls.

Now, it wouldn’t surprise me that any account can have a hot streak and that any account can have a bad streak. But when one account has one hit streak after another and another account consistently has super long bad luck streaks, that seems like some sort of issue with the randomizer algorithm.


My point is about summons & not play style. Though I agree about his play style described by you.

MS pulls a lot… as his roster clearly shows… which I am sure you have seen !!
There is hardly a hero he doesn’t have. He is of course lucky with pulls too…but over a period of time, apart from luck, number of pulls are key to …multiples of many heroes he has, which is again confirmation about a good number of pulls.

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There are tons of heroes I don’t have. I have a lot of great heroes but I’m missing plenty of key heroes :man_shrugging:t2:

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Let people spend the money they earned by labor mixing, sheesh. Live and let live already. Why does someone else’s summons bother you guys?

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I don’t think many are really bothered by how much others spend on summoning. The thread is all about perception and conspiracy theories. The OP sees people posting on YouTube some of their summons and thinks that they have a higher success rate.
There are 2 possibilities: they don’t post all their summon videos, or they have special accounts that SGG salts with higher probabilities of heroes. The obvious answer is 1, but apparently people prefer option 2.


Yes. There are infinite possibilities in between those two spending extremes.

I also left out the malware hackers who can buy SG stock let alone a godless amount of portal pulls.

I don’t single out YouTubers. I’m saying that money is visible.

You can look at my roster and see that it is not F2P.
With the right kind of eyes…
you can even see the date that I quit spending!

I SHARED ABOUT MY FEEL… seeing your roster & multiples…
It may or may not be 100% accurate, while you know the reality.

My point = reply is very specific —> pertaining to YouTubers making a lot of pulls which are NOT specially favoured by SG to get heroes !!

Also, I haven’t said you have ALL heroes :grinning: LoL !! & pulling ain’t a bad thing !!

I don’t need to suspect myself on anything on what I know is true. :slight_smile:
Which I hate cause I do love this game and I want it to flourish cause if it does that means it will continue to be fun and grow and I continue to enjoy it thoroughly, but atm how things are, how they have gone and are heading, well, it’s actually pretty sad.

I do hope that I will be proved wrong for sure.

Wellp, I did get a featured, Bobo during starfall. However, now at 1 featured in 499 pulls through this S4, and prob close 350-375 S4 pulls and gotten 2. This game is coming to an end of getting any money from me, I’m gonna ride my time out til my S3 heros are underpowered in a year and don’t stand a chance any longer. Sorry for the rant, un-effin-real

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