Tin foil hat conspiracy?

People still don’t get that random means some people will be lucky and others won’t.

Also I watch a YouTube who has recently had quite bad luck and they post their bad luck videos.

I wouldn’t call it wasting viewers time.

As others have stated, it would provide some balance and context as to how much/how long it took to get a premium card or the one you were chasing.

Knowingly or not, you guys on YouTube carry a fair bit of weight within the E&P community and a lot will follow your lead. A misleading representation of summons will probably cause more harm than good.

Just my opinion.


One time I have streak of 186 pulls without bonus HotM.

After that I have 4 bonus HotM inside of 96 pulls.

Since then I have 306 pulls without bonus HotM.

Just look at my HotM pulls. The same account can have streak of bad pulls but also streak of good pulls.

My HotM bonus rate is only 4/588 (0.68%) under standard rate of 1.3% but my Atlantis rate (excluding HotM) is 12/201 (6%) above standard rate of 2.5%.

I might have better luck at certain summon than others but that is what is called random. There is no quarantee it will be exactly as standard rate with small sample size. For a rate as low as 2.5% or 1.3%, you might need thousands of data.


Anything above 0 is expensive for a few pixels you don’t actually own. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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As others have stated, it would show more realism. I watch your content for the most part, and it seems, speaking as a “more than causal” watcher of your content, that you’ll have the shiny new 5*'s/ HOTM just hours after they become available (this is by no means a slam or meant to be condescending).
Seeing an actual struggle may show newer players that you aren’t guaranteed getting a 5* on a 10 pull.


Watch Indiana long nuts circus pulls. Total food from 140.

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Honestly, even the most famous youtubers in here does not have so much followers to justify such behaviour from Small Giant.

If you take a close look on those videos numbers, most of them doesn’t even reach 10k viewers (russian channels seems to be the most popular) and on youtube 10k is really close to zero.
Some of them don’t even reach 1k.

So nope, i don’t think Small Giant has any interest to give those people any advantage.

They just spend incredibly high, and that’s it.


May be those players are actually get paid from SGG but, of course how many viewers is out of their control. Hire content creator is a very common way to promote product on media and even forum.

They are among us:

But that doesn’t change the culprit.
The multi-million dollar business can afford 2 resources for their employees:

  1. Time
  2. :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

The effect of both those resources are visible when looking at a roster
Whether you work for SG or daddy is a Tsar, Sheik, Bill Gates, Pfizer CEO, Sierra Club Mogul, or Drug Lord

Haha, how to define “play daily” ? Play hard ? Casually play ? Or using auto play ? What condition and game mechanic based on ? Do they play the game from zero, level up heroes and upgrade buildings as regular players did ? Do they summoning with their own money ? If they all seriously play the game daily then what the point of beta tester ? :sweat_smile:

But you certainly have a youtube channel? :crazy_face:

Scale. Also, developers are notoriously bad at testing. That’s why QA/QE is a different profession. Those people are … quirky. They will do things you would never consider doing and BOOM software explodinates.

There is no special benefit to YouTubers. These fellows spend a LOT to pull heroes… though some of them might not show it…
Think… their monies come from views which require lot of hero based game play.

Mr. Spock pulls a LOT and hence has most heroes…+ multiples of many.
E&P books is the highest puller in the game I know via YouTube… as he likes to be first with test-drive, even for hotms.
You can see the odds of LionRoar… which should answer your Q… as he doesn’t have many heroes despite lot of collective pulls…
Dator pulls a LOT & doesn’t show her pull videos now, but roster during play shows it…

So, they all PULL- a-LOT = Spend a LOT from the monies they make via YouTube views :grinning:

The game is same for everyone pulls / boards, etc!!

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Nope, i suspect their channels can’t even come close to cover the costs to have such heroes.
So please, do not try to imitate them if you can’t sustain thousands of dollars down.

Youtube is not a magic tool for money, and this kind of spending can’t be auto-generated by 10k views on streaming.

You need much more then that, but realistically this game has not such an audience.

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A simple disclaimer may be enough. “This is my video of a great 10-pull, but it took me 200 pulls to get here. Be forewarned.”

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I have no affiliation with Zynga or SG—neither do any of the E&P YouTubers to whom I frequently speak.

I don’t think @Mr.Spock actually pulls all that much. One of the things I find very impressive about his play is his skill negotiating the game successfully without chasing big heroes all the time.

I do pull heavy and I do “re-invest” all YouTube into the game and then some.

No, it is not a magic tool. It is a secondary income that comes from work—like anything else. Creating videos takes time, thought, research, recording, production, and much, much more. I assure you, I am earning my YouTube $$ and I think it is a very fair deal for creators, viewers, and advertisers.

Not a bad idea, but would not work for my situation this weekend. My first pulls, the ones that got uploaded, were incredible. The feeder pulls after that weren’t worthy of uploading.


Mind me, it is not to judge you or any other youtuber.
I’m sure you got some revenue from it and, most of all, enjoyement.

But i’m afraid some people could start to spend what you spend (or generally, above their possibilities) thinking they could repay it entirely just with youtube.

It would be already quite difficult for a really popular channel, and most of the people will not be so popular.

As such, i think it is fair to give a huge warning on that, and not everyone could (or should) do what you are doing.

First and foremost, know your weight and do not overspend, as youtube not necessary would come save you.


To be fair, it’s not the responsibility of a YouTube creator to try to imagine every possible impact their content could have and actively mitigate those imagined impacts. Everyone is responsible for their own financial and mental well-being.

If one is creating a channel and already spending the money one thinks one will earn, then the problem is already bigger than someone not warning them.

It all sort of comes down to this: don’t spend money you don’t have.


To be honest, I don’t really blame YouTube creators for the perception. It is really a lack of common sense on viewers who don’t realize that not every pull is going to put up on video. Just like not everyone is going to post the battles they lose when showing how great they are at defeating the flavor of the month defense.

It just takes some literacy and understanding that not everything on the internet is either true, or what it appears.


That’s a really nice way to wash your hands away.

I was not talking about warning on your videos, but rather warning here in this topic.

But i noted your point of view of “i’m not responsible even if my content could be misunderstood”.


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