Tin foil hat conspiracy?

So I have a question. Would it be feasible for some players to be given higher odds through coding to pull 5* than others? I am wondering this because it seems the rates for those that have youtube channels is higher. Maybe giving those players higher odds so people watch pull videos and are tempted to spend? I don’t know if this is feasible, genuinely curious, so if someone knows if it is even possible.

I am writing this because i’ve been tracking pulls and this is the 2nd time in a somewhat short period i am way way way out on the bellcurve. One time i went 430 pulls between HOTM (Clarissa to Bai Yeong), and now i’m at 353 pulls since last “featured” in mid-april getting killhare.

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It’s all just RNG.

I’ve had 16 of the last 18 HOTM and I’m not doing crazy level summoning.

I just seem to pick them up easy.

But I have alliance members that rarely get the HOTM from similar summoning.

I don’t have a YouTube channel btw

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Of course it’s feasible. None of us can possibly know of it’s probability within SGG’s RNG however since we don’t have visibility to the back end code.

My hunch is we have specific instances where our chances of drawing a 5* are greater than the posted odds, but I have absolutely no data to back it up, only a Reynolds wrap theory of my own after processing what RipTheJacker talked about with @JekylandHyde during his incredible interview. I highly doubt that certain accounts always have a greater probability, regardless of how much they spend, or else one of our favorite YouTubers would have drawn a c-Leonidas and a Bera by now.

Side bar… love what you’re doing Jeff. Don’t ever stop.


Last year, the only HOTMs I failed to get are Malosi, Noor and Raffaele. But I got 2 Velas, 2 Clarissa, 2 Zulags, 3 Zoccs, 4 Glendas and 5 Reubens. And I haven’t done gem pulls. All of them are from coins, tokens and keys.


I think it would be possible and not the worst business move I’ve seen. Give a content creator above average chances so they pull and inspire others to do the same. I even suggested in the thread below.

I doubt they actually do it. They post the odds. They could just make different odds if they wanted to mess with us. Really makes me question why other odds aren’t always shown when we know how bad the odds are (and when we know the odds we overreact anyways).


Thank you.

I suspect that is because many YouTubers, myself included, don’t post the terrible summons.
For example: I did, I think 5 or 6 10X pulls yesterday in Starfall Circus and they were pretty incredible so I posted the video.

My wife just did five more 10X summons on my account and got Richard and Vivica. Do I post that? Is that interesting/valuable to watch? Probably not … so … that kind of thinking skews the “appearance” that YouTubers are getting amazing pulls.

If you all think I should post the video my wife made of the crappy 5X10X pulls, I will post it :slight_smile:


How can this not be rigged? In almost 4 years, I probably haven’t got more than one or two HOTMs the way you got your. The relatively few I got all came from gem pulls.

P.S. It’s just jealousy talking. I know it’s all RNG. Or isn’t it?

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imo, i think the more entertaining (and commiserating) thing to do would be to like what you did during your challenge event livestream and recording your reactions in real time. sometimes the fun of seeing you and Mr. Spock et al. recording war hits is seeing you react with the same frustration that the rest of us feel with boards or enemy AI decisions or RNG or whatever else this game throws at us.


I think it helps for balanced views. Everytime people post the hero they got they never post how many attempts it took, just “got this from a coin pull!” Or similar. But they don’t necessarily show the 30 summons before that.

Shame from spending the money on nothing? I mean I always say how many it took. I got C.Kadilen on a single gem pull. But I also did 3 10 pulls and a pile of key summons before. I could easily just post the single pull but that’s not reality and whilst the rubbish summoning isn’t especially exciting it is the reality of how it goes and I think reality is needed sometimes so people don’t fall down the rabbit hole.


Not surprised on content creator get better treat, that’s why some players on this forum mentioned a hidden luck level system to player may exist, that’s make devs easy to manage which content creator get better chance. That system may also affected to common player’s luck level after they login to the game every time.

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lol, I have no shame/concern about my spending on E&P. I am more concerned at wasting viewer’s time watching 6o pulls of 3s and 4s or possibly S1 5s.

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I always get the HOTM when I don’t summon much that month. Seshat, Kingston, Uraeus I went all in trying to get and just couldn’t get them. Weird how it works.

Yeah, probably not great viewing, but might be a good PSA for those who dont understand the odds and get angry everytime they dont get a 5star.

Can fully1 understand your reasoning for not putting it up though.


Basically this.

Guv posts the number and the chances so it’s actually good to see them “at work”

Not every 10 pull gets a 5* :joy:

But I genuinely think that’s what a lot of people expect

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Conspiracy assumes SG gets something for the effort. They cannot monetize the pulls more this way as the parties involved already spend the money and freely screen the best results since that is what gets views.

At Zynga headquarters they have a program with a pie chart of a goose, that goose is coloured in a few different colours marking and tracing every caliber of players.

Going by the number of pulls you’re frequently doing, you’re probably in the Ruby area of the goose situated in the tail part, all the time you continue with your current trend of pulling, your odds remain relatively the same, with something good ish here and there, but if you start cutting down your spending or stop spending completely, cut your play time here and there, your Ruby will be flagged with a red dot

RED DOT, oh :poop:, this player IS still playing, but not spending, and seems not as active, SO, they might be becoming and discouraged now and loosing interest… Damn, shoot, they don’t want to loose your money, SO all of a sudden, titan gets you great loot or accention item you’ve long been waiting for, you do a single or a 10 pull and presto there’s your 5* or something cool JUST TO KEEP your interest, then you slowly go back to spending which then your Ruby dot turns to Amber then green,… IF you change but only do half what you do now over 1 month, you change to Turine with a red dot so as to be tracked and monitored on your new pattern, which is situated in the wing of the goose pie chart, the elite if you’re wondering are in the egg of the goose which is golden and these players are marked with gold as that’s the gold part with 6 dots bronze, silver diamond , to mark the $ type of players with additional red, Amber green warning alert trackers.

When it comes to you tubers, There’s many that have spent over $600 in a single event that only rendered 1x 5* hero simply because they will keep buying and buying and buying and buying more gems and deals for the next events, so even if you only get 1 5* hero for $600 bucks, chances are you will continue to get rubbish, as soon as you start declining in your impulsive pattern, that’s when you start getting something good or and some good stuff.

I’ve seen myself many times and this one time this guy spent $2700.00 in a single event to try obtain all family 5* hero’s… He got 4 and then spent $300 for the last 2,… I was pretty shocked but that was back in the day, and for what he spent in terms of $3000 for all 5 hero’s is in Zynga terms very cheap. Well, that was back in the day, nowadays more expensive, but then again,I’m also wrong for saying that cause what exactly makes it expensive? It totally depends what part of the goose your sitting in and your impulsive way of play, be smart, stop spending, change your gameplay/trend of play to activate a red alert so Zynga starts spitting out some great loot to “keep your interest”


Barring any conspiracies.
Cash is King
And your more evident culprit

Get into a family of alliances that utilize Line or Discord. There you will get to see many different rosters. Far beyond YouTubers

Before long…
It will become very clear who the people are that spend their rent money.
And who the people are that have daddy’s trust fund.

The most crystal clear roster is true F2P. They have many S1 and even more, much more… 4* mats!


That is so true! Man, I feel so sorry for all those that use their rent money and other unaffordable basic means

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I feel sorry for those that brag about luck :wink:


Lol, touché also true


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