Timing of updates

Just wanted to request next time a hero update is done SG, please give better in game warning and timing of the release.

It was disappointing to have used tournament flags (as many others did) before knowing about the quick release of updated heros where had I waited 5 min longer I would have faced the weaker gtv trios. How were they not released right at the start of day 2? (Or at the end of the tournament before the following war as is there really any benefit to do it right now?)

I don’t think you did yourselves any favours on the timing. Please keep it in mind for next time if there is one.

Sorry didn’t see a topic on this yet, please merge if there is one as I felt it was seperate to the hero discussion going on.


Timing, unfortunately is a hard thing these days.

Although I agree, in some part I also have to disagree.

My reasoning is if they waited for the tournament to finish it’s highly likely to be smack bang in the middle of war, or matchmaking.

Imo the tournament is better to implement any changes as it is only going to affect users individually as opposed to as an alliance in matchmaking or war.

Either way the changes were going to be made; damned if they do - damned if they don’t.


Yep agree, this time may have been a last second decision and comms couldn’t get out in time. Myself and others just have to suck it up. Was just hoping next time they can plan for this situation a bit better and let players know in game much earlier that X will be implemented at Y time and will affect Z. At least players can then make an informed decision on how to proceed.

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All true, I guess start of day 2 was still doable but all things considered it was OK in the end. Just a bit unfortunate the way this whole thing panned out…

Shoulda coulda woulda and all that (“beta should’ve caught all these issues with Telly - oh but they did - SG should’ve listened…etc etc”)

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All changes were made to 4* and 5* heroes. They could have waited until some 3* tournament and no war going on.
Everything about this matter was poorly managed, the WHOLE situation, right from the beginning.

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My Tel/Vel tourney def went from E to A after the nerf. What now?

I say we jump to rash conclusions based on anecdotal data. #DidANerfEvenHappen? #conspiracytheory #justkidding #OrAmI? #hashtag?


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