Timestop Nerf

Why in the world were timestops nerfed? It was stupid, pointless, unnecessary, irritating, and makes them a 100% useless item. Literally the ONLY reason I use them is to stop specials to prevent not just the effect but the animation that wastes time. This was a dumb nerf and should be returned to normal next update. I stocked up on an item that I’m no longer getting even close to the value stated when I did so. At least when the tornadoes were nerfed (also stupid and unnecessary) they remained valuable and maintained their stated purpose. Timestops no longer stop time.

The only change were in the text, peoples could have misinterpreted as you:
it doesn’t ever stopped specials from being casted.

And they still set foe’s mana to 0% and increase the time of their attack… normal attacks.


Yup, they weren’t nerfed. They always only prevented normal attacks from firing.


:man_facepalming: :cry:

Just need to take this into account and use them wisely for their Mana draining property too. :smiley:


A bit over reacting much? Nothing was needed only the text!!!

Refer to my last reply

I think they must buff tornados to 50% again.