Times up/loss message after a raid victoty

Did a very quick search and didn’t find anything that sounded similar. I won my raid but I got a loss message due to time running out. I still got credit for killing 5 heroes in my raid chest and my watchtower indicates I won.


The thread is buried somewhere but i do recall this happening before

Just don’t recall if devs ever looked into it(tho i dont think they did as it seemed to be a pretty rare occurence and I’m sure if the QA team can’t recreate the occurence then it’s too rare to dig into)

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Oh ok makes sense. It’s never happened to me before so I thought it might be a new bug. I guess no harm no foul if it will only happens once every 15 months.

Mods will leave it open or merge it with old one

If it’s somewhat common then we should see some responses with same experiences

If not then well we’ll see another experience a year or so from now i guess

Interesting. Did you notice if you took a -19 trophy hit, a +35 trophy boost, or both? Or if you received the amount of iron and food your watchtower notification says you won? In the end, that is all that matters. Still, pretty bizarre for RNG to basically tell you up front, “Times up, Loser! You suck!..Oh wait. JUST KIDDING! You unsuck.”

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I didn’t take note of my food, iron or trophy count before the raid so I cant be sure. I got my +5 in my raid chest which is the only thing I keep track of.

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