Times required to emblem up to a single class hero?

Hi, beta testers how long do you think it will take for a f2p c2p to token up a single class for 5* and 4*(Under the assumption that they are fully ascended.)

We have no idea because the pace of the Trials isn’t known. In beta they were running constantly, but that was clearly for testing purposes.

We are also just learning about the drop rates from chests, etc.

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Think for the worst.
Now double that.

Still not enough :face_with_monocle:


But also keep in mind that each step along the Talent tree is useful. This isn’t like waiting for that sixth telescope, where the other five are sitting idle.


Twice per week for class quests per Devs


What are Class Quests?

  • Class Quests are new quests that reward the players with Class Emblems.
  • Class Quests can be found on the Quests Map.
  • There is a new Class Quest twice a week.
  • Each Class Quest has three stages.
    • Easy stage that opens on Player Level 15.
    • Medium stage that opens on Player Level 20.
    • Hard stage that opens on Player Level 30.

Time to emblem up the 1*'s (1 emblem per step?) and make an elitist emblem alliance (1*'s accepted only)!


You mean like:


That’s going to make upgrading pretty slow. That’s 3744 total emblems per year from those quests, or 374 per class per year.

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That’s only 4 years to max ten 5* heroes… oh my!


Someone check my math. First the assumptions. Two quests a week at 36 emblems each gives 72 emblems a week. If we average 1 emblem per wanted chest and do 4 a day, that’s another 28 per week. Figure another 30 per week from other sources (titans, titan chests, elemental chests, etc.). That gives about 130 total per week, or 13 per class on average.

It takes 1500 emblems to max a 5 star, so we’re looking at 1500 / 13, or 115.4, weeks to max a 5 star, on average. That’s about 2.2 years.


If they put 3 emblems average per chest, and the average player closes out 22 chests per week, that’s an extra 3422 emblems. So it’s probably only 2 years for that team. Woohoo!

I’ve seen 0-3 emblems per standard chest, 10-50 emblems in elemental chests.


bummer, someone made it already, well TC 19 cooking up 1*'s so time to emblem all the ten?

What… :sob::sob: 4 years??? :exploding_head::exploding_head:


Looks right, if those are the numbers. That’s hideous. But at least you get 10 done in that time.

I see elemental chest lately rarely appearing and the prize decreases one of them is a gem


My completely unscientific poll of my alliance is turning up the same results. So we have:

  • 72/week from quests
  • 44/week from chests for average players
  • 15/week from elemental chests
  • 30/week from titans and war chests

So 161 a week, or 8372/year
837 per class

So 1 year 9 months to level 10 5* without purchases. That’s a long time.

Even chest skipping is only going to bump you up by an extra 12 emblems/week. That cuts the time to 1 year 7 months.


Have you seen any emblems from standard titans yet? I haven’t. I think we’ll only see those on rare titans, so there goes a chunk of that emblem income.

It is a long time and I’m all for getting more emblems from every source!

If I understand correctly, isn’t another way of looking at it is that you can get one five star done every two months? Compared to drop rates for non-farmable mats and the amount of feeders needed to get a hero to 4/80, thats not so bad?

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I’m 9h away from a draw at that. I take it you all have a titan kill with no emblems? Yuck…

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