Timers not working right

Two timers that had the same amount of time are now hours apart

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What were/are the two timers?

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So I’m calling bullsh*t on the game timers… i.v noticed it a lot with the titans… now I set up 1 training camp to finish 40 mins before the building is complete on the hunters lodge… some how there is 2 hours difference on it now.

On the titans front, the timer is as follows:
Titan Spawns
22 hours to kill/ escape
1 hour cool-time
next titan spawns

Note: the time between titan spawns is ALWAYS 23 hours… if you kill the titan with 13 hours on the clock, the next one will not spawn for 14 hours.

Personally I’ve never ever ever seen any issues/ changes from this… and thats in over 1.5 years now…

Regarding the Training Camp & Building Completion, my guess would be that additional trainings have been added/removed fro the Training Camp Que…

Titan really wasnt the issue… however as I said the times are different. I put it that way to finish training right before the upgrade. And no I didn’t remove any training. But thanks for the help… it’s appreciated it wasn’t ignored lol

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