Timer for recently joined people in alliance to prevent instant leaves

This probably isn’t a problem for big alliances, but for smaller ones its very frustrating to constantly have people join and leave next second when they see you are not the strongest alliance or a spot opens up in a bigger one.
Im not saying you should prevent people from leaving completely, but i think its fair to set a timer of half a day or even a day, so those players can actually see the alliance in action, and meet the members, and after that if they still want to leave, go ahead.
All I’d like is for a chance to be there for the smaller alliances.

I am not sure what you are looking to achieve here to be honest. Joining or leaving an alliance is a personal choice and has no real impact unless the member is included in the war matchmaking.
If a player joins an alliance and reads through chat etc and decides it’s not a good fit for him/her then there is no real problem other than it may be frustrating for the alliance leadership Team


If its not a good fit they can leave after timer expires, im not saying we should keep the player against his will.
If people enter and leave constantly the alliance chat becomes unusable. For example, in my alliance few times we didn’t see someone enter (and stay) because 4 other players decided to enter and leave. It just floods the chat unnecessarily, gives opportunity for griefing, and prevents small alliances from growing.
Maybe make the timer as short as one hour and then make it longer the more you leave?

I expect a lot of these players are titan hunting and just looking to see if there’s an easy kill available.

They aren’t interested in getting to know people :man_shrugging:t3:


I understand your frustration, but keeping people in your alliance against their will isn’t the solution. People show up, look around, and decide whether or not they want to stay. A timer won’t change that - it will only increase frustration among those who are being held captive and make them more likely to leave the game altogether (at least IMO), which would be detrimental to the game developers’ desire to increase player numbers.

If you follow the Recruiting section on here, there are regular threads about alliances seeking mergers. Maybe you could find an alliance to merge with to solve your problems.

Best of luck to you.

P.S.: Yes, titan tourists are also very annoying @JonahTheBard - the only way to avoid them AFAIK is to make your alliance invitation only. But that won’t help you with your recruiting efforts.


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