Time zones

It would be nice if possible for time zones to be added somewhere since we usually keep a worldwide mix odd players in the alliance. Sometimes a zero or unused flags can be explained simply by noticing how quickly a titan was killed or if a player might be sleeping, ha ha, who does that. Just wondering if or was ever a thought or if that would be unwise for some reason or other.


Are you asking for this to be a feature added to the game? If so I can move your thread to #ideas-feature-requests

As for a potential solution, I know many alliances use secondary messenging apps like Line, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp & Facebook for this reason. It allows for better communication as well as the storing of things like Rosters, Notes, Timezones etc…

As far as I am aware, there hasn’t been a suggestion to this nature before.

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how would you suggest this happens?
Surely just knowing that said players are from different parts of the world kinda realises you know that already?
Australia uk usa Canada is my alliance.
More usa than the others but if a titan is at 8 hours is still looking like we can’t defeat it! The usa lot are asleep than bang all online n it’s more of a chance!

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