Time tokens for hero training

I don’t know how many players have this problem similar to mine where you have heroes waiting to be leveled up. It’s quite the waiting game for training camps to produce the heroes needed to level the ones we keep, right? Or perhaps even taking the chance at training epic or legendary heroes in TC20 (which I haven’t done due to leveling heroes). We also wait as our farms and mines produce the resources we need to level, ascend and unlock talents or build/upgrade our buildings. What if we could reduce that wait time by half for 24 hours? My suggestion is to introduce an item (similar to the relics that increase resources from season 1) that would reduce the time for all activity in the town by 50% for 24 hours. That means training would happen in half the time. Instead of TC20 taking 2 days it would only take 1. Training that takes 2 hours would only take an hour. Farms and mines would produce twice as fast (I.e. if your farm produces 1000 food per hour it would produce 2000 food, same for mines). If you are upgrading a building the speed would be doubled for that time and resume normal speed afterwards. Any items being crafted at the forge or hunters lodge would also be crafted in half the time. Of course only 1 could be active at a time without stacking meaning if you had more than 1 you would have to wait for the first to expire before using another. I think this would help all players since waiting for heroes to finish training, resources to refill and/or items to be crafted can be a set back at times when we really need them to complete a little faster without spending a bunch of gems for instant completion. Hopefully many of the players who read this would agree. Not sure I see a downside to it for anyone. If there is a negative impact then feel free to point it out.