Time to wake up and smell the roses

Surely I can reroll for teams that get me less than 30 cups?

One needs to change perspective and approach. I used to “compete” as well (in events) but there are now too important heroes I dont have. So I dont mind getting top results anymore. About cups I wouldnt care less. Some events like towers for example have so exhausting design I usually just complete half of each. Some new quests I like.

Its a game that USED to be great for everyone. However, now I think it might be ok for the whales, however most likely pace is too fast for them too but they cant help themselves.

For the rest of us its a fine game still for zero money involved. At least from the veteran point of view. Still, my playing time has decreased a lot.

As said, it went from great to just fine, but cant really blame the devs, it made them filthy rich and thats how business world unfortunately mostly works.


The - “My experience” is driven by major contributions by / from the “Me”… is a known factor to all.

This is a game & hence the word competition…which is driven - defined by “Results” …itself is the trap = root-cause of the various issues, many keep writing, in various new topics they create… & this one is no different.

Recently someone argued with me about me not having an experience having played in a (so called) Top-Alliance, which after my initial :rofl: left me wondering, how much “IMPORTANT” that aspect is for many players…despite a top alliance having ZERO contribution to :

  • My roster, which is financed by me.
  • My heroes / emblems / LBs = financed by me
  • My disciplined playing = My time
  • Building mats & dictatorial approach to adhere to alliance requirements viz, all groups activities…
  • Many more points… which again are financed by me…

So what is that Top alliance giving me !?

For whatever reasons, that is not a factor at all for me…simply becoz, playing at the top has no extra benefits for my game play realities viz : Rewards, recognition, playing advantage, etc…

RNG still runs the show & negates many so called advantages … across the game…

  • Top ranks in Titan, tournaments, wars which are regularly features (daily / across the week) doesn’t guarantee specific rewards.
  • The rewards, when they come, they are again random = leads to some being more (extra) & lacking some required ones for heroes level-up / game play ! :rofl:

So, all this has been clear from almost the very beginning & hence, the word “compete” lost its revelvance for me…which has been a big factor of less / no stress in playing this game. I do feel the disappointments of :

  • Tiles not showing up on time - Raids, Wars, Tournaments, Events…etc…
  • Summons results…
  • Rewards - Titan, Tournaments, Wars, various bonus chests…etc…

I re-roll if I don’t want to do that raid, which can be seen in my videos… & it does impact me a bit… BCOZ, this is a GAME…to play & not a competition where anything of “life changing / impacting value will be achieved” :wink:

I decide my experience OR else, what am I doing playing this game…Bocz this is a spending game like any other product / service…!
Instead of CREATIVE ways to blame this game… use the same to play & enjoy…!

Food -for-thought !

Cheers & happy playing !


Competition… us v/s them… F2P, C2P, P2P, Very high spenders, Whales… poor victim non-spenders v/s money bag whales… etc, etc…

Is there any real value / benefit using these terms …!

Level 2 Limit Break? Level 90? No way

Continuing the discussion from 2023 Sneak Peek! :new::

@2.Trillion I think we can reasonably expect level 90 heroes this year.


The definition of competition is arguably the most vague and abused term, imo.
Usually lacking the caveat of consistency.

A thousand different alliances will rotate in and out of the top 100.

crossing into the top 10 is when the landscape changes NOTICEABLY…!

I’ve played in a top 10, 100 and 1,000 alliance.
I noticed no difference in the last 2.
I think some folks who want to push their narrative of “competition”, have no idea what it means to actually play at the top, at a consistent level!

Have no idea what it takes to actually pay top dollars. Just kidding lol

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The top 100 list is not the best indicator for actual top alliances. I can look later for the link that monitors top alliance more accurately.
When I was up top there were between 15-20 alliances rotating in the Top 10. They rarely dropped from the Top 100. Not sure how many make that rotation now.

Those alliances are hyper focused on a very specific Wall Defense. And there is just no getting around this… it is expensive!

But even more important is the 6 war flags that you use to deal with your enemy who does the same thing. That is even more expensive!

Your joke is a true story…

Now that meta counters are so powerful to disable an opponent with their PASSIVE
You can preform consistently just by owning multiple copies. Otherwise… your performance will start reflect RnG influence with some missing hits in war. And your alliance will slip.
And then… so will you!

For everyone else who competes on a mediocre level, boring out 6 warflags against similar alliances is an effort well defined by a connect 3 mobile app. Most can do that with some creativity utilizing “what they have”.
what is dictated to be Meta by new portals…

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Sadly, new Aethers and another Limit Break that no players asked for is likely coming.

Only 528 heroes in game today. LOLZ.

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Im still looking forward to changing our defense formations during Alliance wars.

Is that 528 5* event heroes or does that include the useless 1-3* too?

Also going to break off on another tangent-

The passives and family bonuses are getting pretty ridiculous too. You have to tap into each hero and do a full book report for every move you make or you’ll end up dead.

Passives were great when they weren’t potentially gamebreaking.

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That 528 count is 3*, 4*, and 5*. I.e., the heroes that get used for normal gameplay. You can’t really call 3*'s useless since there are dedicated 3* Tournaments.

I left a month and a half ago and I’m sooooo glad I did. I’m spending time playing Lotro. I played for two years until I had spent money to emblem up many of my heroes and then they just got nerfed anyway. This is a very greedy company that exploits people by dangling a carrot in front of them just to take it away. I deleted my account and will never be back…
Ive saved alot of money since I left.

Soon we will be able to buy Heros.

Watch me!

Friar Tuck is useless.

So there!


Here you go. Started at 2508 and reached top 100 with 2900 or so. 13 wins 3 losses. No rerolls apart from those less than 30 cups (because i cant afford infimite refills and the associated time)

I did record them all but i dont think anyone wants to watch 16 raids


Let’s be honest: we should smell the roses as regards freemium gaming in general. The moment you download and play games with paid tiers or subscriptions, you’re saying you’re OK with other people paying to do better than you in the competitive aspects of it. Took me a long time to accept, but it’s true.

Me, personally? After I quit this game, I won’t be back to mobile gaming; I grew up in a world where you paid for your game, and that’s it - after that, it’s all down to skill and technique, and, if there are competitive aspects, satisfaction from competing with players on the same playing field. Any add-ons you paid for were more for different characters or artistic features, and didn’t give you an unfair advantage over anyone else.

I appreciate that I’m old-fashioned, but I just don’t understand people who spend hundreds or thousands on one game that, in a previous era, would have and should have cost only a few tens of pounds or dollars at most. For a similar amount of money, I can get a Steam Deck or several games that are several orders better.


Figure out what a quarter in 1985 was worth in today’s currency and then try to guess how many quarters you pumped into video games and pinball machines. You didn’t own those games either. You paid your quarter and got to play. Phone games have replaced that… not games you buy. Those are still out there. Buy them. But don’t claim you never spent money to play a game.

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