Time to switch to leveling 4*?

After some early excited leveling when I got a 4/5*, I switched to building up 3* bench and am now trying to decide if I should keep at 3s or switch to leveling 4s? Or even level Lady of the Lake? Any advice welcome! Here’s what I’ve got on my bench

Dark -

5* none

4* - Tiburtus 3/60, Merlin, Boomer, Cyprian

3* - max Treevil, Bjorn & Balthazar; to be leveled Guardian Bat, C-Tyrum x2, C-Renfeld, another Balthazar & Treevil


5* - C-Drake Fong 2/60

4* - Guardian Jackal, Li Xiu x2 (one at 2/60), Gretel x2

3* - max Bane & Poppy; to be leveled Sally x4, Pixie, Kailani, another Bane


5* none

4* - C-Kiril 3/60, Triton, Captain of Diamonds

3* - max Ulmer & Chick Jr; to be leveled Gunnar, Jarif, Vodnik


5* - LotL

4* - C-Melendor 3/60, Kashrek 3/60, Caedmon, Jack O’Hare, Peters, Hansel

3* - max Belith; to be leveled Briene, Isshtak, Gnomer, Gramps, Mnesseus


5* - Zagrog 3/60, C-Elena

4* - Boldtusk, Rokkamush, Lancelot, Colen

3* - max Azar & Hawkmoon; to be leveled Namahage, Phoenicus x2, Bauchun

My advice would be first to build 3 x 3* rainbow teams and then 4 x 4* rainbow teams before you start focusing on your 5* heroes.
You 3* and 4* teams will get you the mats to progress further.
From your list of 3* I would level up your 2nd Treevil, Sally or Pixie, Gunnar, Brienne, Gnomer, Namahage and Bauchan.
Your other 3* are really useful/good but I would then move onto your 4* next.
And focus on, Tiburtus and Merlin, Li Xiu and Gretel, Costume Kiril and Triton, Costume Melendor, Hansel, Caedmon, Boldtusk and Lancelot….
After that come back to the forum with info on your refreshed roster
Whichever hero you choose good luck


Do you have ascension mats? If so for which colours? I mean the 3star mats you need to ascend the last step of the 4star heroes. I doubt you would have 6 4star mats to ascend a 5 star hero. So definitely skip that one.

In general I agree, keep at the 3 stars for a bit longer. You have a lot of really good ones there! If you have the mats for a 4 star then you may want to throw in 1 of them, especially since you already spend so much on getting them half upgraded.

Purple: stick to 3 star: 2nd treevil, CTyrum(cleanse!) and CRenfeld (mana control faster than treevil) are very useful.
If you want a 4 star: Early on counter-attack is highly useful! I would say Cyprian first, Tibs first (because faster), if you have lots of mats and can/want to do both.

Yellow: Sally and Pixie first, then LiXiu (solid tank/flank for a 4 star defense)

Blue: Gunnar first: Solid 3 star tank! Then Kiril+C. Works for tank early on, you can switch to Cyprian/Li Xiu when they get ready and move Kiril to flank.

Green has a less clear path: Brienne, Gnomer, Mnesseus and Gramps can all be usefull. Pick at least 2 of them before moving to 4 star.
Kasshrek is another good early tank, but you already have good options for that position, so I would skip that one. Melendor (heal/dispel), Caedmon(snipe/dispel), Jack oHare(damage) and Hansel (mana control) are all more useful later on! Again pick what you need/like most.

Red: Bauchan first! Great tank and flank in 3 star world, Phoenicus next I think, good supporter and extra nice for buff booster tourney. Namahage if you feel like you need another red sniper.
Then move on to 4 stars: Boldtusk seems best, and there´s never anything wrong with another strong 4 star healer, but you do need to work on damage eventually, so if you so far have always opted for healer options you might go for Lancelot (or Colen if you want AoE damage)

Btw: Boldtusk and CMelendor work well together (Attack and Def Buff, heal and Heal over time).
both of them also work well with CKiril (Attack and Def debuff), but not so well with regular Kiril (buff overlap), but I would prefer Boldtusk (Attack up and Def down are a real nasty combination, especially on offense, plus Boldtusk is super hard to kill and can work well even as a tank on defense), Melendor on the other hand adds a dispel to the mix, which often is a must-have… So nothing wrong with having all 3 and picking/chosing according to situation. If you have Cyprian you may even use all 3 :smiley: So many options! Have fun exploring!




Counterpoint: as you get the ascension materials, it’s not a bad idea to work on 5* heroes some of the time too when you get the chance.

That’s not to say “ignore 4* heroes” because you’ll use them at least in 4* tourneys and challenge events forever, but also as a bench vs all the increasing “depth of roster” events.

Having said that…

…having and being able to max some 5* heroes makes it easier to progress vs challenging map and quest and challenge stages, succeeding in raids, and putting up a raid defense that can help keep you in platinum/diamond/depleted uranium/etc (e.g. when an upcoming PoV inevitably asks you to win eighty hojillion raids in Plutonium).

It’s true that you don’t want to devote so many resources to 5* that it cripples your 4* bench, but I’d also argue that at some point you want to get some big hitters up when you can so you’re not holding yourself back. There is a balance to be struck, which depends on your current resources, spending, and luck.

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Support Gargon and JGE.
Right now it is better to build up your 3* teams with some 4* sprinkled in.
Later when you have 2x TC11 ( very cheap hero production ) running and if you have the materials you might look into LotL.
Good luck and enjoy the game! :+1: