Time to somting cange

how ungrateful of smg. 2 months as I stopped shopping and haven’t gotten anything since. none 4 * mat. not to mention the 5 * heroes. sad

How ungrateful of my local bookstore. I stopped shopping there and they haven’t given me a book since.

The vast majority of my 4* mats are from rare quests and now PoV. The vast majority of my 5* are from TC20, on average one every 20 pulls (so 40 days).

In two months you should have been able to gather a couple 4* mats at least.


the only thing i picked up was in guest…

no just don’t give me. I have a hero but I don’t have a mat. books I have to buy on offer or in quest. i am an active player i cross everything. always first on titan. but in vain

This is a game of sometimes heartbreaking patience.


E&P in a nutshell:



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