Time to show off ! Expose your best perf or what you're pride about


Hello everyone,

Did you ever feel pride of something you did in the game ? Did you already accomplish something you wanted to show off about ? Trophies amount, Titan hit, victory against a stronger team etc…

Here’s the topic !

I’ll start with my perf of yesterday, wich I’m kinda proud about.

Climbed till 2 721 trophies with a 3 798 team & without changing it (always attacked with the same composition, didn’t change any heroes) & didn’t use any flask.

Your turn to share what you are pride about ! Have fun :slight_smile:

Edit : please post something, don’t lemme show off alone or I’ll feel guilty :rofl:


I haven’t screenshot but I was beat Sand Empire with <3200 TP (I know this is old but that was my best achievment)


Personal best titan hit. 9* purple, without using time stops, tornadoes or dragons. Jackal, Drake, Delilah, Chao and Wu


I’m proud about how my avatar looks:


Beating every event [so far] without maxed heroes- including all seasonal events, challenge events, season one and two map levels, and rare quests. I love seeing what the underdogs can accomplish, so I like staying an underdog on purpose (I’m weird like that) :wink:


Going back a while but I’ve always been strangely proud of this:


Hello, and thank you for your post. Yes, I’ve had a situation like this before. We can be proud of that and also be happy. I wish every player this experience. All the best to you, and your team.


Congratulations to you all !

Hoping for us to get some more awesome things to show & be proud about :smiley:


AAAAAAAAAAAAH, my first local top 1 :heart_eyes:

So exciting when it’s the first time ! :smiley:


& my 3 last raids conducted me to this… IT’S CRAZY ! 34th world while ALWAYS attacking with the same team (the one I’m playing in def, always). I think that it’s the proof that color stacking is a bad idea (imo) & that anyone can clim the ranking without having a huge team.

Edit : I won’t hide to you the fact that I only got some decent boards (sometimes VERY GOOD ones). None was awful.


Beat the #1 ranked player in the world in a raid!


Congrats :smiley: 0 char blabla


So, I climbed till there :


& when I was back…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


That’s an insane drop!


I hit a new high today, so that was nice.


Ah yeah, I won’t forget this drop in my entire life of Empires & Puzzles :rofl:

Good job for your ranking :smiley:


Dang Hoss, that’s a great score!


This is insane lol. Congrats!


2600+ cups with no 5* hero what so ever! My greatest accomplishment in E&P so far.


My best titan dmg on 10* green