Time to say goodbye

Except of course that vaping IS illegal in the US … for minors. And a ban on lootboxes to protect minors would likely necessarily encompass everyone

Well technically minors usually can’t have credit cards here either, so the loot box issue is moot unless their parents are letting them… and the “vaping being illegal for minors” thing, it’s more that they’re not allowed to buy vape products. Technically they’re not supposed to use them either, but police officers don’t usually go around checking the I.D.s of everyone they see holding a vape pen (or cigarette either for that matter).

I don’t see how banning loot boxes would protect minors since it seems like most of the people posting about them here are supposedly adults…? Many will claim that these kinds of games are “marketed” towards children. So… is “bubble gum flavored vape juice” being “marketed” towards adults?

I’m not saying either side is right or wrong, or that it’s even a fair comparison between the two, just throwing out some food for thought on the subject. To what extent should things be regulated “to protect the children”, or are we actually regulating them to protect adults? Should they be regulated at all, or should they be prohibited outright?

It’s not whether it makes sense or works in real life, it’s if/when some politician or lobby group grogs onto the idea and decides to leverage it for political advantage.

That there are studies around online gambling and the addictive nature of loot boxes and the fact that the templates for the discourse have already been established in Europe means it’s an easy issue to pivot to if/when someone decides to do so. It’s likely just a matter of time.

  1. I was trying to show that good pulls come along eventually.

  2. I didn’t realize it when I posted, but on re-read it turns out he got Kingston. He didn’t quit because of BAD pulls, he quit because of non-exceptional pulls. So good on you for defending him…

  3. You know how many people who read his thread who didn’t get ANY HotM who felt bad after seeing someone quit for not getting multiples? Are you giving him the same kinda forum policing you’re giving me? Hmmm?

  4. I’m an adult. This is an app game. I’d survive you telling me you got nicer pixels than me.

  5. But he says he QUIT - so unless he’s lying, he’s gone, won’t see my post, so it won’t effect him.

  6. GetoutamyfacewithyourVirtueSignalling

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It spoils the reason why people play to have fun :unamused:

That’s hilarious, at what point after smoking marijuana did they forget to exhale?


Very poor form.

SG designed either a very good gambling machine AND a very good game… or at least a very good gambling machine.

The game can be very enjoyable, and to anyone who is at all susceptible to spending money on gambling, quitting the game is almost certainly in your best interest.

120 pulls… I mean that’s several hundred dollars right? I hope this has not placed you in any financial hardship.

Hopefully not, and assuming this is the case, I feel confident saying that no one here would have difficulty understanding why you’re unhappy with your pull results.

They may be unable to properly empathize ‘because it’s your fault for spending the money’ or something, but on some level they would understand.

At any rate. On the one hand I’m sorry for your poor luck. We go to our entertainment for a welcome escape from the real world. And you clearly did not receive that from E&P.

On the other hand. It’s a damn gift to be handed your walking papers by SG, too. They’re like, GTFO! If you do listen and leave, it’ll save you a lot of money. And there are certainly other hobbies out there to be had.

Good luck


I’d kind of like to see that! I have gotten a lot of lucky individual pulls or individual heroes in a ten pull, but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten multiple 5*s. I was happy with my one drake(and still am).

And I agree, no matter how good your pull is, it could always be better. I got Kingston with two EHT’s. Not too long ago my friend got 2 Miki’s with an EHT. I did a ten pull for Pirates, hoping for Finley and Vodnik. I got Vodnik and Kingston. I was a little disappointed, but acknowledged I actually did really well.

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If he’ll give me an Evelyn he can have my spare Kingston…

If we could trade, I’d give you a spare Eve. I pulled (oh, I really shouldn’t say, lest I be perceived as bragging about pulling five HotM, so let’s just say I could cover you)

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My record for HoTM is 7… unfortunately it is Margaret :rofl: Please, please work well Hero Academy!

I’ve actually never pulled more than one HoTM at a time. I’ve gotten them off individual pulls, but I’ve never gotten more than one at a time(even on a 30 pull from Atlantis). Last month was the first Atlantis where I pulled a non-featured Atlantis 5*(Kageburado) and I was still disappointed because I wanted Alberich, not Kage.

I think that is important to remember; just because you didn’t get what you wanted doesn’t mean you weren’t extremely lucky.

I have had over 450 pulls trying for Kage to no success. 230 or so for Ariel and no joy. Same with Kunchen. I didn’t try for Margaret but I was pulling that month and never got her - wasn’t sad.

But yeah, I landed 3 drakes on a 10 pull - that was the first time I’d ever seen multiples and I initially thought the game had glitched.

I got double Frida and double Eves

Oh, and 3 times I’ve lucked into off-season Atlantis Hero’s and all three have been Misandra (I now have 4). Not sure what those odds are but they are long.

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Kunchen was my first HoTM, I was so happy. Also the first 5* non-classic hero I ever got. Ariel was the only hero I ever broke budget for(it worked, but I still kinda regret it… I never break budget :confused: ). I have two now. I don’t like leveling duplicates, if we could trade I’d give you Margaret and Ariel for an Evelyn.

Could be worse - I broke budget badly for Kage. Twice. And failed. Twice.

I tend to run one-day specials in my business to subsidize big-pull months. Usually covers it.

I broke bank badly for Xmas last year hunting North and ended up getting her on my final single pull (after at least a dozen 10x pulls). The regret on that has faded a bit, but now that my teams are stable and solid, I’m self-limited to 2x30 pulls and 3x10 pulls.

Yeah, it could have been worse. I didn’t spend more than I could afford, but I still worried I might do it again. Then Gravemaker came around and I didn’t get him. Stuck to budget on that one firmly. Pulling Hel softened the blow a bit though :stuck_out_tongue:

I am worried I might break budget for Evelyn in November. She is at the top of my wishlist. I love utility heroes. Eve is the only elemental defense down hero I don’t have.

P.S. we are way off topic. Although, since the OP quit, does it matter?


I don’t have Hel or Gravy. I’m missing many of the absolute top ranked heroes (no Guin either, and my alliance runs yellow tanks for war).

I do have a very nice selection of the 2nd echelon of heroes - despite the varying RNG of this game and it’s often frustrating, occasionally joyous pulls.

I’ve never felt like quitting the game, even when I’ve failed to get heroes. I can’t fathom the mindset of wanting to quit when i do get the one I’m after.

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I have Guin but haven’t maxed her. I like Drake Fong so much that I think I might max Kunchen and go Kunchen/Drake instead of using Guin…

I’ve had some really bad pulls and I’ve had some really good ones. I certainly get the frustration of not getting what you want, but I’ve never been tempted to quit. I’ve been tempted to lower my budget quite a few times, but never quit. I do worry I might get bored when I run out of heroes to max(or run out of mats) and that is kinda getting close since I’m almost done with unique 4*s… I feel like if my time to say goodbye comes, it’ll be out of boredom, not rage.

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That does seem like the rational stage to default to when massive pulls get you down… but then again, we’re living in the generation of self entitlement, and dealing well with adversity is no longer a common trait.

I hear what you’re saying about boredom but for me it’s my alliance members that make the game interesting even when the mechanics get grindy.

Haha, I wouldn’t call not getting the pixels you want in an online phone game adversity :wink: but I know what you mean.


Me either - but we have both demonstrably witnessed those who do. #scrollup

Ps - I think I recognize bits of that quote from somewhere

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