Time to say goodbye

Could be worse - I broke budget badly for Kage. Twice. And failed. Twice.

I tend to run one-day specials in my business to subsidize big-pull months. Usually covers it.

I broke bank badly for Xmas last year hunting North and ended up getting her on my final single pull (after at least a dozen 10x pulls). The regret on that has faded a bit, but now that my teams are stable and solid, I’m self-limited to 2x30 pulls and 3x10 pulls.

Yeah, it could have been worse. I didn’t spend more than I could afford, but I still worried I might do it again. Then Gravemaker came around and I didn’t get him. Stuck to budget on that one firmly. Pulling Hel softened the blow a bit though :stuck_out_tongue:

I am worried I might break budget for Evelyn in November. She is at the top of my wishlist. I love utility heroes. Eve is the only elemental defense down hero I don’t have.

P.S. we are way off topic. Although, since the OP quit, does it matter?


I don’t have Hel or Gravy. I’m missing many of the absolute top ranked heroes (no Guin either, and my alliance runs yellow tanks for war).

I do have a very nice selection of the 2nd echelon of heroes - despite the varying RNG of this game and it’s often frustrating, occasionally joyous pulls.

I’ve never felt like quitting the game, even when I’ve failed to get heroes. I can’t fathom the mindset of wanting to quit when i do get the one I’m after.

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I have Guin but haven’t maxed her. I like Drake Fong so much that I think I might max Kunchen and go Kunchen/Drake instead of using Guin…

I’ve had some really bad pulls and I’ve had some really good ones. I certainly get the frustration of not getting what you want, but I’ve never been tempted to quit. I’ve been tempted to lower my budget quite a few times, but never quit. I do worry I might get bored when I run out of heroes to max(or run out of mats) and that is kinda getting close since I’m almost done with unique 4*s… I feel like if my time to say goodbye comes, it’ll be out of boredom, not rage.

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That does seem like the rational stage to default to when massive pulls get you down… but then again, we’re living in the generation of self entitlement, and dealing well with adversity is no longer a common trait.

I hear what you’re saying about boredom but for me it’s my alliance members that make the game interesting even when the mechanics get grindy.

Haha, I wouldn’t call not getting the pixels you want in an online phone game adversity :wink: but I know what you mean.


Me either - but we have both demonstrably witnessed those who do. #scrollup

Ps - I think I recognize bits of that quote from somewhere

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Same here @StephenNap89, tried for GM, no dice, pulled Hel…felt a little better. I’ve somehow managed to pull at least one, often Multiple HotM since Frida (And I’m no big spender), unfortunately my luck skipped over Seshat month…I should probably have quit then…yet here I am with my single Kingston but finishing Kadilen because she was already well on her way to her 3rd chevron.

I’m at the point where I’ll likely limit my pills to Christmas and possibly a few during Atlantis Rising. I have enough to work on for now.

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Feel your pain. I buy the £5 a month for the extra builder and to support the game but it’s becoming a grind. Level 40, 1 5 star that’s not fully ascended as can’t get the items. Tc20 running for about 2 months and same old 3 stars that are useless to me. Can’t progress anymore all my 4 stars are maxed. Game dynamics need fixing as I’m feeling like you and close to quitting. Seeing level 20s with a full 5 Star Team as they got lucky in the pulls is no way to run a game. Gonna go back and play clash as supercell listened to their loyal customers and made it fairer and easier to pull a legendary troop for the same low price of £5 a month.

But what about all the Graymane’s, Friar Tuck’s and Dawa’s you get from your TC20’s!!!

I actually leveled Tuck feeding him nothing but Tuck’s. He’s a dang cannibal but doesn’t seem to mind?

I never disputed that loot boxes are addictive and potentially harmful. I think they are. But I don’t think they’ll end up being banned completely, at least not in the U.S. And if they do get banned… what does that mean for this game? Does it go completely pay to win? Pay X amount of money and get Y hero guaranteed? That’s not really a whole lot better, and it won’t stop people from spending obscene amounts of money on the game.

And the “good pulls come along eventually” idea… that’s not how RNG works, is it? Good boards, yeah, with a 20% chance of each color tile appearing on a board, you have a pretty good chance of getting good tiles after playing enough matches… and considering that you can do 6+ titan hits a day, 24+ raids a day, 48+ province quests a day, it’s safe to say that you’ll get a few decent boards in that time. Compared to hero pulls where you only get maybe a few pulls a month without buying excessive amounts of gems and the odds of pulling a legendary are far less than 10%… some people get lucky on pulls, especially those who buy a lot of gems at one time, occasionally non-spenders get some lucky pulls, but it’s kind of disingenuous to insist that everyone will get “good pulls eventually” - though I guess that depends on your definition of eventually. I suppose if everyone played every day for 100 years, 99% of us would be swimming in HOTMs eventually. :man_shrugging:

BTW, for the record, I’m not trying to be combative, nor am I the one flagging your posts. Just stating my opinions.

Also - TC20 guarentees 5*s over time in all but the most egregious and unlikely of RNG outliers.

HotM pulls will, occasionally, bless most players at some point during their time playing if that time is several months/years. It would be unusual for players to have neutral or bad luck only. RNG ensures that will balance out eventually. If you do 120 pulls each month for a year, it’s VERY likely that some months you’d get 1 HotM; some months you’d get none, and at least once, you’d get multiple

I know this anecdotally from experience and statistically from math.

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Well sure if I did 120 pulls a month…

But I’m not made of money.

I’m thinking maybe you meant running four TC20s simultaneously. Yeah, pretty good chance you’ll get some 5* heroes if you do that. But TCs don’t spit out HOTMs.

I’m not suggesting I think it’s LIKELY that loot boxes will be banned in the US - just that it wouldn’t surprise me, and historically speaking it would fit if it became a political issue.

And yeah, I know YOU aren’t the one flagging my posts. This is an interesting discussion. Thanks for being an adult.


I’m pretty sure there is legislation to try to regulate them here, but there is also legislation for a lot of things here, and most of that stuff never goes anywhere.

And regarding loot boxes themselves - while I’m not a fan personally, I’m a little worried that if they were to pass legislation on them, it would only be a matter of time before they tried legislating something else… there’s been talk (once again, for the umpteenth time) to try to get rid of “violent video games” so they would surely be next on the list. :roll_eyes:

I used 120/month referencing the OP’s situation for which this thread began and for which they are lamenting (and indeed quitting the game) for getting just one HotM.

Anyway, it seems not unreasonable to spend the equivalent on this video game that people routinely spend on XBox or PS4 video games. I have a PS4 (well, my wife does) and I spend more time/get more enjoyment from this game than any PS4 title - and I love Red Dead Redemption… but here I have an alliance and actual iFriends. So this is more enjoyable

Why not (if you have the disposable entertainment income) spend $50-$80 a month?

And yes, I understand this comes from a very privileged, North American/Western European economic perspective- but that’s my reality and the reality that the pricing structure of this app is aimed at, so I’m operating within that perspective.

Where I live it cost my wife and I nearly $70 last week to go see the Joker, each get pop/popcorn/chocolate bar; and then have a coffee afterwards to talk about the film. (Very dark, but highly recommended)

That, all told, provided me with maybe 4 hrs of entertainment.

I get that on a war weekend from this game. I get MORE than that every week - a lot more.

And as someone who works in the creative fields in real life, I appreciate the work put into this game by developers, artists, writers… it’s fun for me, and it’s fun derived from their labour, so for me, kicking in $70/month to enjoy the game, get a chance at the best heroes, and reward the people behind the title… it’s way more value for me for that $70 than another PS4 game, or even a great movie like Joker.

But I acknowledge that being employed in North America colours this perspective quite a lot. But again, the pricing structure of the game indicates that this is exactly who the game is built for.


Oh it’s fine to spend however much you can afford to spend if you think it’s reasonable for your personal budget and whatnot. Personally, yeah, I spend money on entertainment, but I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than maybe $20 a month on a single game (and that was only for a limited time, not every single month). I have consoles as well, but I only buy maybe a couple of games a year, and I almost never buy them at full release price. I also don’t watch movies in the theaters (though I would like to see the new Joker movie whenever it comes out on cable or Netflix, etc.)

I have no problem with supporting the devs, but the cost per “chance” to pull a good hero is too high for me. I have VIP, and I’ve bought the occasional inexpensive gem pack here and there, but I’m not about to go out and buy a bunch of 30x summons just with the hopes of pulling a good hero. I don’t like the posted odds as it is, and when I factor in my own personal bad luck, I figure I’ll probably end up spending close to $100 for one legendary hero. Nope! Not worth it for me. But apparently many players think it is worth it, and that’s fine.

I definitely agree that video games provide more entertainment per dollar than most other forms of entertainment, but I’ve already spent over $100 on this game, which is more than I’ve spent on other titles made by much bigger name developers. I have some games that I bought for maybe $50 or so and played for over 1000 hours without any additional investment. I’m not sure how many hours I’ve spent playing E&P - probably too many… but a large portion of that was either on autoplay or just gabbing in Alliance Chat. The game itself is fun, but not $100-per-hero level of fun. Especially since you then need to get all the ascension mats for those heroes as well… just to have a slightly more powerful team… nah. I’ll pass on that. To each their own though!

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Oh you got at least one Kingston, I would have stopped there. One Kingston is pretty good already :blush: