Time to say goodbye

Yesterday was a day like a long time before. I don’t the reason but I sommun 120 or more heros and what I got? I got nothing, no second Kingston, no event 5star hero or any else 5star heros… It’s very scary how easy small giant it makes that there long time player and casher will leave the game. I played since July 2017 and the reason that so much lv30-45 players got the new heros and old player lv70+ doesn’t get one of the new heros show me that small giant have enough of us old casher and player. And the best thing I heard from the support today, sorry but it’s unfair to send to you a little gift as apologiz. Unfair? Yes unfair because I see so much Screenshot about gift player got from small giant but I doesn’t got only one. It doesn’t metter what it will be. And, yes it’s frustrating to see that other player with 10 summons got 2 Kingstons, got with 3 summons Finley or with 10 Marie there’s. I summon over 120 heros and only fodder and trash. It can’t be. But I take it as a sign that smallgiant will say to me:time to say goodbye.


I think everybody can understand the way you feel. All of us at various times have felt the same way. With millions of players I think it would be feasibly impossible to target higher level players to receive less. But I also know that it can look like that sometimes. It’s always sad to see a long time player go. Please reconsider and try to find some joy within your alliance and with the good and decent people on the forum. Maybe take a break from the spending or at least not as much. By no means am I trying to tell you how to feel or what to do but trying to encourage you to realize that we all feel that way sometimes. Best of luck in whatever you decide.


I’ve had months where I get nothing.

This was a good month.

2x10 pulls…

If you hang in, things will get better.


Sorry about that, but I can’t say I fully understand your stand. I’m level 51, 100% f2p and summoning luck is definitely not my thing… in about 16 month of gameplay my only 5* draw was Sartana. No kiddin. One 5* hero since july 2018. Al my other 5* came from TC 20. Still, I don’t see this as a major problem. I enjoy the game a lot, especially the raiding part, and I manage to keep my team in solid diamond, usually above 2500 without much trouble. Of course, lacking any HOTM or event 5*, I’m not in a top alliance, but I’m perfectly happy where I am and also with my scoring on 8, 9 and even 10* titans. Also manage to one-shot some 4k+ teams every war. Chasing heroes was never my thing. Making the best of what I got was. Sorry to hear a level 70+ talking about rage quitting over a failed event summon session… But, if you really enjoy the game, summoning isn’t really that important. And if you don’t, maybe, you are right after all… maybe is time to quit… just make sure you won’t regret it…

Oh, by the way, who needs HOTM and event heroes? :wink:

I’ll probably burn 75 gems tomorrow to get those emblems :laughing:


That’s definitely a couple of lines of greatness. Rare indeed!

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You definitely let yourself get Finlandized.

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Actually it would be very easy. But I very much doubt they do it.


Learn something new everyday. Lines of code ?

I understand how you re feeling RN. But you don’t need to relinquish all your time and effort spent. You can keep playing as a f2p forget about the portal and play with what you have if you still have som motivation left. If not It will be nice to leave.

Best wishes.

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Yep, just a check on level prior to doing the check on summons results…all done with a simple conditional statement…

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I went through this also… Now I am a VC2P and am happy about the change… Pay no attention to the ones that post their great pulls, and remember you have made great pulls also. I now spend more time on here helping people who are learning the game… If you are above level 70 You have learned a BUNCH, use that to help others… Please try it before you quit and see if you dont enjoy it more.


I honestly empathize with you on this, there are times in the game when everything would look or appear to have been locked out…trash from Titan loots & chests, heroes chests, monsters chests have been regular trash, and even rare chest dishing out all farmable stuff…and of course summon gate…
It’s hard not to allow it get into you, but at this point, it is good to pause and consider this rationally as a game with lots of gambling parts; and from my short experience in this, the dry spell would eventually blow away.

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Did you just complain about not getting a SECOND Kingston? LOL. Get outta here.


120 summons is a lot of summons. It’s Alot of money with nothing to show for in return.

I feel your pain.

The summon portal is often compared to a casino. It is like a casino, except that in a casino u hv a chance to win actual money.

In this game, once u buy the gems, sg has already won, every single time.

So i think they shld institute a pity meter, to hv a guaranteed 5* every x number of pulls.
Its the only decent thing to do


Bro, made also around 100 summons and got nothing except of the hotm, 2x Peters and 2x Boomer.
And i’m almost a new player… it is how it is… that’s gambling…


On the other side: in a casino you could lose everything. Here you get at least some 3* heroes. Yeah, I know. Got Dawa, Prisca and so on myself this time…

I thought loot boxes are banned in America. Why is this game still using loot box mechanism. Can someone flag this game to the authority?

LOL, nope, they’re not prohibited here.

Seriously, we have people committing violence with weapons and they haven’t done anything to address access to weapons or mental health; we have people suffering serious health issues from vape pens and they still show commercials for them every day;

I hate loot boxes, but if they block those before they address the countless far more serious problems facing my country…

(trying to edit out whatever word or words are triggering the ‘awaiting approval’ thing)

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I feel your pain, but the sun may shine on you in Atlantis or Morlovia, where we can do „free“ summons! Got this with a ten pull, then made 4 single pulls for 2 Peters and Kingston, I think the 10 and 30 pulls are worthless! :smile:

That… is… an absolutely dreadful 10x pull. It looks like something I would probably get if I did a 10x pull. Thank you for reminding me, once again, why I don’t spend money for 10x pulls.

Condolences, and also congratulations for your subsequent pulls.