Time to say good bye

Well, tired of tiles being “random”, this is my last alliance war then I stop the game.

spending money for random that is no illegal in mainy countries in Europe

so i quit this game


If you think this game is personally singling you out and giving you bad tiles, you’ve made a wonderful choice in quitting the game.

Stay safe.


Goodbye and good luck, @sutechan!

Why do I think these guys won’t leave us? :slight_smile:

I understand your frustration.
If you ever return, I’d recommend changing your lineup away from heavy stacking. Such as mono, 4-1. Even 3-2

That didn’t cure me.
But it unquestionably alleviated pain from unfriendly randomness.


What is the purpose of these kinds of posts? Do you want a post card sent or the Hulk TV theme played in the back round as you walk down a lonely street?

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I don’t know you and I can’t remember interacting you here. We respect your decision and bid you adieu and best of luck. But since you have been in the forum and in the game for quite some time, thus adding you here: Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]

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People love a Viking Funeral.

When I stop playing I’m going to employ a Skywriter to put my farewell in the Sky whilst I’m carried down the street waving a goodbye flag with a Marching band following me.

Then I’ll post it to YouTube, Reddit, Facebook and this forum so everyone knows I’ve quit.

And then in 3 days when I’ve calmed down and miss chatting to the Jesters I’ll quietly install it again and carry on like nothing happened.



I have a similar thought in mind. But that is when I am dead. I was thinking of cremating my corpse and have the ashes distributed to all fastfood chains worldwide masked as powdered spices to coat those delicious fried chicken. Yummy.

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What’s the purpose of being rude to these kinds of people. They probably just want to know someone cares or feels the same as do, ie someone that can relate. They feel like they are being scammed or ripped off and they feel like there is nothing they can do about it. Maybe all they need is somewhere or someone to vent to, regardless, you being an incentive jerk doesn’t really help anyone, does it? I’ll probably get banned for this but whatever, do I care that much about this game? Obviously, I’m on a forum on my own free time. Do I care I get banned for sticking up for people who are tired of being ripped off by a game that is ripping us off and could care less about individuals? The owners of this game also own a poker app that is one of the biggest scams there is. They lie and they cheat and there is nothing anyone can do about it. They have more complaints about them than any other app and yet they just move on to the next big game and buy it and ruin it. So while I don’t think they are singling out anyone they certainly are know for ripping people off and scamming them. Maybe if your going to be rude to people, maybe you should just be quiet instead. People just want to relate and be related to, not ashamed of posting something that’s bothering them. Op if you decide to quit this game that’s probably the best decision you can make if your feeling frustrated as it does to a large percentage of people and please don’t feel like your the only one frustrated with this game. Maybe just take time off for awhile and come back later. Whichever you decide, just please make sure you take care of you first, get things right in your life before playing this game, you’ll probably enjoy it more if you do


I understand your sentiment, @HeathenHammer, but I tend to agree with Slowmana. I think the forum could use quite a bit more empathy and just a little less snark—particularly when it’s directed at newer, inexperienced players and at players who feel genuinely frustrated with the game.

To the OP, @sutechan, I’m sorry for your frustration. There is quite a bit of randomness in the game, and it can be disheartening for players who don’t understand the odds and overextend themselves financially, expecting to get more for their money.

Personally, I find recognizing that the odds are long for getting any particular hero helps temper expectations. I am able to afford occasionally dropping 5 or 10 or 20 dollars on the game and have learned to just take the heroes that fall to me and make the best of them.


I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors. Hope you move on to something which is more enjoyable and less frustrating for you. :slight_smile:


THIS! very very very well said.


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