Time to remove the Titan randomness

As has been discussed elsewhere, there’s a small amount of randomness involved in what level Titan spawns.

But with POV expecting an alliance to kill 2/3 of the titans, that needs to end. Give us a deterministic method for knowing what NORMAL Titan will appear (rare should still be somewhat random).

Why am I whining about this? Because my alliance just got screwed by the RNG twice in a row.

  • POV starts. Yay!
  • kill 8* Titan, the 3rd in a row. Yay!
  • kill 9* Titan, with only an hour to spare. Yay.
  • 10* Titan spawns… should have been another 2 9s! But RNG. Escapes with nearly 1/2 life. Boo.
  • 10* Titan spawns. Same color even. And now we’re going to be behind. And RNG wins again. Screaming commences.

I’m fine with randomness, obviously there’s tons in the game. But you’ve now set it up that the randomness can mess with an entire alliance over a period of 50 days. That’s not cool.

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