Time To Nerf Elkanen?

I know this is a little early, and I know you’re thinking I’m out of my mind but it’s time to nerf Elk and here’s why.

If there is a release of a nature elemental defense debuffing hero, elk will become the most invincible hero in the game. He has fast mana, heals from damage dealt, high defense, good health. Combine that with a green elemental defense down hero and suddenly we have a monster on our hands. Healing 38% of damage dealt to heroes that have had their defense debuffed by another hero will guarantee that elk will never die! In fact, he will be unkillable when in the hands of a savvy raider! No defense team will be able to kill him and we will have all these new faces in the top 100! It’s going to absolutely tilt the balance of power and something must be done! All these people that have elk maxed will suddenly rule the game and it won’t be fair. You heard it here first. Let’s not wait until he ruins the game, nerf him now!

This is a joke post, for those who hadn’t already figured it out. I take zero responsibility for any and all hurt feelings. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming ie, it’s ok to go back to complaining about your horrible loot. :slight_smile:


Maybe they’ll nerf the new hotm before release instead to avoid this overpowered combo?

I wonder if Jackal + Leonidas or Musashi is an unkillable combo. Has anyone tried that?

Okay it’s a joke post…then we’re cool. At first I was going roast you like a thanksgiving bird for being a cry baby like the last one who wanted Thoth and Thorne nerfed. Yeah, some one was actually bitching about Thorne being too tough…Oh, pleeeeeaaaaaaase.


Lol I couldn’t help myself!

I use jackal/leo, it’s unremarkable for the most part. You wouldn’t raid without a healer which means healing from hitting is basically just redundant. Only helpful in a very small percentage of cases from an offensive standpoint. Just been thinking about fun ways to use a green elemental defense down hero, if one were ever to grace our presence!



I cant even think of which one Elkanen is right now.

One character I cant stand to fight is Magdolin the king Arthur chick. I avoid any raider with that character. I don’t event play the special event with her in it. My teams just can’t beat that mess. But hel I would never ask developers to nerf that hero. Cos one day I could end up with her…Oh I hope I do. I have ended up with every hero I found challenging in raids and I love them all. When people star bitching about heroes I heat up the oven. It smells like “thanksgiving!”

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Morgan isn’t too awful to fight in a raid as long as you have multiple reds stacked to take out her and her drain. Locke OTOH can be a disaster if you don’t have a cleanser almost ready to go.

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Asking for a friend…

…assuming u had Morgan, where would u place her to best avoid said ‘red stack’?

My friend has access to Magni, sartana, marjana, justice, drake fong, khionna, azlar, aegir

But doesnt want to level elk or kad.

Secretly hoping for new heroes in December and Jan, but is about 80% likely to build team around Morgs (who my friend loves) as the nature hero

If the hero have elemental defense buff on his skill then Drake Fong is his/her best friend: from 2 to 3 blinded characters (when they are all alives) means to have a high chance to blind a stacked attacking color, hitting the tank with only normal/empty tiles. He is fast enough to kick in early.

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:crazy_face:I thought this was serious until I got down to the power balance part

You know who really needs a nerf? Thorne

Here we go:


WOOOOOW CALM DOWN WITH THAT NERFING! You took it WAY too far! Now he’s the most unworthy legendary in the game!

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Replace the blade with a Budweiser/Heineken or something. Hence, the name “ICECOLD FINISHER” :joy:


I like her in the second of fourth position, she can charge her special quickly and get her fire elemental defence active under the protection of a good tank. As her special takes 4 turns for the full effect, I don’t really like her on the corners where she’s out of the action a little. I have two of her at max level that I use for some war defences, and I put the second one on the opposite corner to keep 2 spaces between them for a little gravemaker protection. December’s HOTM though is a green hero that should be essential for everyone.

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My elk still sitting 3/70 after 12 month, go ahead and nerf him, he would be there for another while anyway…

Thanks @FraVit93 and @MantisToboggan. My friend is very appreciative…

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He should be demoted to the 4* tier to stop him for ruling the Multiverse.

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Jackyl and Joon are a mean combo. So is Jackyl and Drake. Jackyl very fast mana and Joon with a fast mana. There special is ready in 6 tiles to the back. Jackyl is 3 Joon is 6. Speed and power is a Deadly combination

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