Time to move on? Looking for a new alliance

Hi everybody, I’m maybe at a point where I might need a new challenge after beeing on year the co-leader of a nice group. To be clear I might not even change but if the right fit contacts me I would consider changing alliances.
Prefered language would be German, but I’m also ok with English. Titans are all good for me, despite Evelyn and Panther I have everything you could wish for Titans. I’ve always used all my war flags since creating my current alliance with 3 others, but due to private life and work I’ll not be able to coordinate everything perfectly. So an ambitious but not too serious alliance is what I’m preffering. I have also LINE (ID: zion1990) so we could talk about the next steps also there. Here are my current stats and heroes. Feel free to comment.


please give me your line id. I will contact you

and it must be an english speak alliance? :slight_smile:

ID is zion1990


I can speak German, English and Italian. Not everything unfortunately :rofl:

And what Slovak? this can be a new experience

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our alliance “sic!” is always looking for nice people. Currently we are 22 people from all around germany, killing 9* Titans and using green Tanks for war. We don’t use line, but feel free to check us out ingame.

If you don’t find a German alliance, we are an international alliance, however our common language is English.

TBD - Part Deux. Using titan & war flags - absolutely! This is us.

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Hi. If you are still considering a new alliance check out Skeleton Clique. We diverse and great bunch of active players. Happy to share vids etc if you want. Share your line id if your interested

Hi Zion -

Hope you find an alliance that’s a great fit for your change in lifestyle.

I lead an international alliance (Primary language English) that’s quite outside the top 1000. Full of great people who enjoy the game and are competitive, but don’t let bad RNG get us down. For us this is about community and having fun.

If you want to be in an alliance where you can use your roster strength to be among the best performing members, check out Path of Daggers. We use discord outside of game chat.

Best if luck finding your right fit.

Crew Barons is an international semi-competitive alliance. Primary language is English. I (leader) live in Germany and speak German fluently. We use Line for communication. Feel free to contact me: mpolo67

You seem fit very well with my alliance. We are an active but casual international alliance. We are currently hitting 7-8 stars titan. Most of us hit it daily but some do not. In war, most of us use all flags. Again couple of us do not. We have last spot available. please check us out at ronin***

Hope to have you with us.

Hello, sounds like you might be a good fit for my alliance, Verdant Vipers. Check us out if you’d like. Verdant Vipers seeking reliable casual players (war flags or opt out, 8*-9* titans)

Hey all…thx for the many responses and for contacting me in here and in Line. I found a new home and I hope it helps me gaining back my enthusiasm and motivation to play the game. @Guvnor, can you close this thread please?