Time to Invest in Small Giant stock?

Rumors abound that Empires and Puzzles might re-release Heroes of the Month starting in September.

If they start with the original cycle that would mean a re-release of Hel, followed by Athena and Ares…

If this is true then they’re about to have record-breaking revenue months as players spend to get theirs.

Does anyone know how to invest in the company before this happens? It looks like they secured a second round of funding earlier this year. Their value is surely to sky-rocket after the HOTM re-release.

Are they publicly traded yet? If not, no investing (yet).


Yeah it doesn’t look like it, but there are some investment groups that have made large investment, so it may be possible to invest indirectly through them…

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Funny you say that. I asked a “family” accountant to look into it and he laughed at me… Until he did some digging and he is helping me TRY to find a way to invest through someone else. No luck yet. @Petri TAKE MY MONEY!!!


Keep us updated if you can (most likely after you get your piece invested :wink:)

I think you was involved in the post talking about the post and made me think of it. My family has been on me about investing so if I have any luck at all it was your idea… I think.

I’ll invest if someone gives me some money to invest…Im all for it! :grin:


Yeah, perhaps. I had mentioned something like that in someone else’s post a few days ago.

Right. Something about questioning September’s Hotm. Someone claimed there is no Sept. HOTM in beta and claimed that is why.

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Oh I fervently hope Hel is coming back around the bend! No news to me yet though…


I need Hel and Ares so they can never get ascended lol.

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