Time to celebrate! @General_Confusion 🍰

I have few rules I try to abide by:
-I tease the one’s I like/love
-I don’t use j/k
-I don’t “haha” or “LOL”, unless I’m legitimately laughing. But I’m more of an internal laugher. When I see something funny, I usually smirk, and try to build on their funny.
-I don’t fix my autocorrect’s if they’re funny (like your barf of the day) or when I’m congratulating an alliance mate. Jive work!
-and I rarely admit if I’m being serious or joking, unless someone’s about to get hurt. But I really don’t want to hurt anyone, so more often than not, if someone is hurt by something I said, I was joking.


I have bookmarked your post for future reference… if necessary


I’ll always salute a General. Good day sir, thanks for your contributions!


That’s really all I ask.

But I didn’t mean to take away from the thread. Apologies, all. And Happy birthday, @General_Confusion!


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